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June 24, 2020

  • Most people with travel plans said they’ll be driving to vacation spots this year.
  • More people under 45 said they plan to travel this summer compared to those 45 and over.
  • A third of respondents said they’ll be buying new items for their summer travel plans.


Driving is the transportation of choice for most people this summer.

Sixty-four percent of people with travel plans said they’ll be driving to their destinations. Thirty-one percent said they’ll be flying to go on vacation this summer. Five percent said they had other transportation plans in mind.

how people plan to travel this summer 6-24

Younger people are looking to get away this summer.

Sixty percent of those under 45 said they’ll still be traveling, compared to 49 percent of those 45 and over. How far are people willing to go? Both groups said they’ll be sticking to local or domestic travel for their summer vacation plans.

travel plans by age 6-24

For some, upcoming vacation plans are an excuse to buy new items.

Thirty-six percent of people plan to shop before they go on vacation. Forty-three percent said they aren’t buying anything new for their upcoming getaways. Twenty-one percent said they aren’t sure if they’ll need to buy anything new for their summer plans.

plans to buy new items for vacation 6-24

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