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June 23, 2020

  • Most survey participants say that retail stores are open in their area.
  • About two-thirds of respondents say they plan to go shopping in-person within the next month.
  • Apparel, hardware, and home improvement goods are the top categories people plan to shop for in person.


Most shoppers say retailers have opened again.

Eighty-six percent of survey participants say that in addition to grocery stores, other kinds of retail stores are also open in their area. Eight percent say they’re unsure if retail has reopened near them. Only six percent said that there were no retail stores open in their areas except for grocery stores.

are retail stores open in your area? 6-23

People are planning to shop in-store for more than just groceries within the next month.

Among those who live in areas where non-grocery retail stores have opened, many are making in-person shopping plans for the next month. Thirty-eight percent of this group say they plan to shop in-store within the next week, while 29 percent say they’ll go within the next month. Fifteen percent say they’re unsure about in-store shopping in the near future. Nineteen percent say they will not be shopping in-store for anything besides groceries anytime soon.

plans to go shopping in-person beyond groceries 6-23

Shoppers say they plan to buy apparel, accessories, hardware, and home improvement items in person.

Many shoppers who plan to return to retail stores this month have practical and everyday items at the top of their lists. Twenty-two percent of this group said they plan to buy apparel and accessories in store, while 16 percent say they plan to buy hardware and home improvement items in store.

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