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June 22, 2020

  • For people in the US planning to travel, the majority plan to do so domestically or locally.
  • About two-thirds of people say restaurants in their area are open for dining.
  • Under half of people say they plan to eat at a restaurant in the next few weeks.


Most people in the US who plan to travel are not going international.

Forty-six percent of respondents who are planning to travel are going somewhere within the US but out of their state. Forty-five percent say they’re going somewhere within their state. Only eight percent of respondents in the US planning to travel say they’re traveling internationally.

where people plan to travel 6-22

Many people say restaurants in their areas have started opening for dining.

As many states start to ease restrictions, restaurants have started opening back up for in-person dining. Sixty-eight percent of people say restaurants are open in their area. Twenty-five percent said restaurants near them haven’t opened yet for outdoor or indoor dining. Seven percent are not sure if restaurants are open yet. But as some areas are having new surges in cases, it’s possible that places could potentially start to shut down again.

are restaurants open in your area 6-22

Almost half of people plan to dine in-person in the near future.

For people who live where restaurants are open, 23 percent of people plan to go in the next week and 22 percent plan to go in the next month. Forty percent of people say they’re not going in the near future and 16 percent of people are unsure if they’ll go or not in the next few weeks.

in-person dining plans 6-22

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