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June 16, 2020

  • Over a third of respondents say they plan to make in-store purchases to prepare for Fourth of July celebrations.
  • People who have already changed their Fourth of July plans expect to buy new items for the holiday this year.
  • More people plan to buy items for summer this week compared to last week.


Many people plan to shop for Fourth of July celebrations in-store.

Thirty-seven percent of survey participants say they’re shopping for Fourth of July celebrations in-store. Out of that group, many say they’re planning to buy food, which is among the more popular in-store purchases these days. Thirty percent say they plan to do a mix of in-store and online shopping.

plans for fourth of july shopping 6-16

A change of plans changes shopping lists.

Thirty-eight percent of people who have changed their Fourth of July plans say they plan to buy something new for their celebrations this year. Only 28 percent of people who haven’t changed their plans say they will be buying something new in preparation.

how changes in fourth of july plans impact spending 6-16

People are starting to warm up to summer shopping plans.

More people are thinking about shopping for summer this week. So far this week, 38 percent of people say they’re definitely buying new items for summer, compared to 33 percent last week. However, uncertainty has also increased slightly: Now, 23 percent are unsure if they’ll make summer purchases, compared to 17 percent last week.

plans to buy new summer items by week 6-16

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