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June 3, 2020

  • Slightly more people in the US say they’ve had issues with items being out-of-stock than people in the UK.
  • People under 45 say they’ll be doing more of their shopping for summer online than those 45 and over.
  • Even for parents who say local summer camps are open, only slightly more than half are sure they’ll send their children to one.


People in the US are having a slightly harder time finding the items they want compared to people in the UK.

Across the board, people are having trouble with the availability of goods to purchase. Eighty-six percent of US respondents said at least one thing they wanted to buy (other than toilet paper and hand sanitizer) was hard to find in stock. In the UK, 79 percent of people said they had trouble finding an item they wanted to buy in stock.

percent of people who've tried to buy an out-of-stock item by country 6-3

People under 45 say more of their shopping for summer goods this year will be purchased online compared to those 45 and over.

Thirty-percent of those under 45 said they’ll exclusively shop online for summer goods compared to 24 percent of those 45 and over. Only 15 percent of those under 45 said they’ll shop completely in-person for summer compared to 24 percent of those 45 and over.

how people plan to shop for summer by age 6-3

Even if they have the option of summer camp, some parents aren’t sure they’ll send their kids to one.

Only 58 percent of parents who said camps are open committed to sending their kids to one. Twenty-six percent said even though camps are open, they wouldn’t be sending their kids. Sixteen percent are unsure if they’ll send their kids. Many parents continue to think about back-up options, including plans to buy crafts and sporting goods.

plans to send kids to camp in areas where camps are open 6-3

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