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May 21, 2020

  • Non-essential workers plan on waiting longer than essential workers to regularly shop in store for items other than groceries.
  • More than half of the respondents say they’re shopping from a retailer that’s filing for bankruptcy.
  • Some people say they’re planning to buy more masks in the coming weeks.


People working from home are in no rush to hit the stores.

Fifty-one percent of non-essential workers say they won’t return to in-store shopping for non-food items for another two months, at least. Only 37 percent of essential workers plan on holding out for that long. With non-essential workers spending more time at home than their essential counterparts, they may be more inclined to shelter in place longer.

time frame to resume in-store shopping regularly by employment type 5-21

While major retailers are filing for bankruptcy, many are still shopping from them.

Fifty-nine percent of shoppers say they’ve recently bought or plan to buy from a major retailer that’s currently filing for bankruptcy. Two-thirds of those shoppers say they’d previously shopped from the retailer, with the other third saying it’d be a new shopping experience.

plans to buy from a retailer filing for bancruptcy 5-21

Masks continue to be a new essential.

Several people specifically called out plans to buy more reusable or washable masks. For some, they haven’t bought the masks yet but are concerned that they’ll need them as they start to go out in public more and more. Others feel that with constant wearing, they may need more than one. As one person explained, “I think this guidance is going to be in place for quite some time.”

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