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May 14, 2020

  • People’s priorities differ between in-store and online shopping experiences—while those shopping online will favor lower prices, consumers planning to shop in store say they’ll prioritize store familiarity.
  • People in the UK can’t wait to see friends and family after restrictions ease.
  • People under 45 are more likely to buy gifts from online stores they haven’t shopped before.


People say their online and in-store shopping priorities will differ over the next few weeks.

When looking at consumer’s motivations for in-store and online shopping, product availability is a core buying consideration across the board. Low pricing is too, especially among online shoppers—57 percent say low pricing impacts their buying decisions, compared to 44 percent of in-store shoppers. On the flip side, 40 percent of in-store shoppers plan to shop from stores they know, compared to 30 percent of online shoppers. How else do the two sets of consumers differ? Free shipping and fast delivery are top priorities for online shoppers, though understandably irrelevant for those who shop in store. Similarly, convenient locations and safety measures only matter for in-store shoppers.

priorities for shopping in-person vs online 5-14

People in the UK say the first thing they plan to do after restrictions ease is visit friends and family.

Forty-one percent of people in the UK say they’ll reunite with their loved ones, compared to 14 percent of people in the US. And distance isn’t an issue for those who are tired of social distancing. One person in the UK shared that they’ll be “driv[ing] to see [their] family in another part of the country.”

People in the US are more likely to continue to stay home—12 percent compared to just 3 percent of UK residents.

first thing people plan to do after restrictions ease by country 5-14

With Father’s Day, graduations, and other celebratory occasions coming up, people under 45 are more likely to discover new brands when shopping for gifts.

Fifty percent of those under 45 say they’ll buy a gift from an online store they haven’t bought from before, compared to just 41 percent of those 45 and over. Overall, consumers of all ages are discovering brands in similar ways. The only main outlier is Instagram, a discovery channel used much more often by those under 45.

shopping at new stores online for gifts by age 5-14

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