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May 12, 2020

  • Gift givers are relying on Google, Instagram, and recommendations from friends and family to find new online stores.
  • After stay-at-home restrictions ease, people expect to be less concerned with product availability while shopping online.
  • Many people say their first priorities after restrictions ease will be going to restaurants and seeing family and friends.


Gift givers are relying on a few sources to find new stores.

Sixty-seven percent of people are searching on Google to find new online stores where they can buy gifts. This is followed by Instagram, which 43 percent of consumers use, and recommendations from others, which 42 percent of consumers use.

how gift givers are finding new stores 5-12

Product availability is no longer the top concern for many online shoppers.

A month ago, we asked shoppers about the top drivers of their online purchases. Now, we’ve asked what they expect their priorities will be once restrictions ease.

In terms of priorities, availability dropped the most. Sixty-eight percent claimed it was a top driver in online purchase decisions a month ago and now only 44 percent say they expect it to be a priority once restrictions ease. Similarly, fast delivery has dropped in priority from 58 percent to 39 percent. Shoppers may not expect product availability or shipping delays to be issues once restrictions ease, which is yet to be determined.

changes in priorities for online shopping 5-12

People want to eat in restaurants and see their friends and family.

When asked what their first priority will be after restrictions lift, 19 percent said they want to eat in a restaurant while 17percent said seeing friends or family will be their first priority. Ten percent said they’ll still plan to stay home. One respondent said, “Restrictions are lifting, but I’m apprehensive about resuming activities.”

first priority after restrictions are lifted 5-12

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Consumer sentiment

What are people buying and why?

Some people are waiting to see what items go on sale ahead of Memorial Day before making purchases. People are hoping to be able to get what they want at a lower price. One respondent said, “[I’m] hoping that makeup and skincare [will] have a Memorial Day sale.”

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