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May 7, 2020

  • While most people say they’re spending about the same amount as usual for Mother’s Day, people who bought earlier were more likely to spend a little extra.
  • More people shopping for Mother’s Day say they purchased from new online stores.
  • Fewer men have already bought their Mother’s Day gifts compared to women.


Many consumers have spent or will spend more than usual on their Mother’s Day presents—but those who shopped earlier were more likely to splurge.

Twenty-two percent of those who already bought gifts said they spent more than usual, compared to just 12 percent of those who have not purchased yet. Still, the majority of consumers polled have spent or will spend about the same as usual, even if they do their shopping last-minute. Seventy-six percent of people that haven’t purchased a gift yet plan to spend about the same as usual, compared to the 67 percent of consumers who’ve already shopped for mom.

spend by already purchased or not 5-7

People shopping for Mother’s Day are shopping at more new stores.

Sixty-five percent of people shopping for Mother’s Day say they’re currently shopping at least some new stores. Only 38 percent of those not shopping for Mother’s Day said they were shopping at new stores. It’s possible that as people look to buy gifts for mom, they’re branching out and trying new stores.

shopping for mother's day vs shopping at new online stores 5-7

Men are a little behind on their Mother’s Day shopping.

Forty-seven percent of women have already completed their shopping compared to just 39 percent of men. This might be partially because more men plan to buy flowers as a gift compared to women, which is often a day-of purchase.

already completed mother's day shopping by gender 5-7

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Consumer sentiment

What are people buying and why?

While flowers and chocolates reign supreme as go-tos for Mother’s Day, some people are buying more personalized gifts. A couple of people mentioned tablecloths and silverware as gifts they purchased. A few even mentioned more practical food items, like chicken wings and steak. And one person went above and beyond saying, “[I| sent unique food to mom—chocolate-dipped potato chips. [I] had to call the supplier since they are old school and don’t have an ecomm[erce] site.”

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