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May 4, 2020

  • People who think brick-and-mortar stores will open sooner are more interested in in-store shopping experiences.
  • After stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, non-essential workers with children under the age of 18 plan to go back into the office sooner than those without kids under 18.
  • The majority of people have already had their summer plans impacted.


Those who are optimistic about stores reopening soon want to shop in person.

Twenty-six percent of people who think brick-and-mortar stores will open at the end of May say they plan to do most or all of their shopping in person in June. Only 18 percent of those who think restrictions will last through July say they plan to do most or all of their shopping in person after store restrictions are lifted.

shopping plans by expected restrictions lift date 5-4

Some parents of young children plan to return to the office immediately after restrictions are lifted.

Twenty-two percent of non-essential workers with kids under the age of 18 say they’ll be going back into the office immediately compared to 12 percent of those without young kids. Thirty-two percent of those without young kids say they plan to stay home indefinitely compared to just 13 percent of those with young kids.

non-essential workers' plans to return to the office by parental status 5-4

Summer is canceled for many.

Many people report that they’re canceling or changing their summer plans dramatically. Seventy-two percent of people say that they’ve already canceled at least one activity, trip, or plan this summer. Twenty-eight percent say that they haven’t canceled anything yet, but many think they may have to.

state of summer plans 5-4

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Consumer sentiment

What are people buying and why?

Some consumers are shopping as if nothing’s changed. They say stay-at-home orders haven’t severely impacted what they do or don’t buy. This may be due to the wave of brands moving to ecommerce. As one person explained, “[There’s] nothing I can’t buy now online.”

For college students who’ve been forced to resume their semesters and online learning from home, summer brings another pang of disappointment. Several students say their summer internships have been canceled. Although they’re frantically searching for new ones, many students remain less optimistic about their opportunities.

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