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Covid-19 poll daily insights

April 20, 2020

  • While some people look forward to returning to public interaction as soon as possible, more than a quarter plan on staying home after stay-at-home orders lift.
  • Stimulus check recipients say bills, utilities, and housing are among the top ways they’re planning to spend the money.
  • Trending: More and more people continue to report shopping at new stores.


People are divided about what to do once stay-at-home orders lift.
While many people tell us they’re eager to return to stores and public spaces, more than a quarter of them are concerned about doing so. Twenty-six percent of survey respondents say they plan to continue to stay at home even after orders are lifted. As one person explained, “[I’ll] shop online mostly… I don’t feel comfortable going out in public until there are real treatments available for COVID.”

Those who are excited to return to public life as soon as possible have a mix of priorities. Nineteen percent say they’re looking forward to dining out at restaurants, making it one of the most popular activities chosen by survey respondents. Sixteen percent of respondents say they plan on going back to work, while thirteen percent mention plans to visit friends and family.

plans for after stay-at-home orders are lifted 4-20

Many say they plan to use their stimulus check on bills and utilities.
More stimulus check recipients say they plan to allocate their stimulus money to bills and utilities than to any other categories: Thirty-one percent of respondents say that at least some of their check will go towards these expenses. That’s followed by housing costs, like rent and mortgage payments, which 20 percent of check recipients say they’ll be spending on.

However, those aren’t the only things people are planning on spending on. any who plan to spend some of their check on bills, utilities, or housing also say they’ll be making other kinds of purchases as well. For example, as one person noted, they’re using the check “to pay for my rent… but I also wanted to buy myself something since I’ve been trapped in the house.”

first priority of stimulus check spending 4-20

More and more shoppers are branching out.
We are continuing to see growth in the percentage of shoppers who say they’re shopping at new stores. Some are switching things up simply because the stores they usually shop are now out of stock when it comes to important items. Others Are making an effort to support small businesses. Often, it comes down to a combination of factors. As one person said, they look for the “best combination of price, availability, and ethicalness” when choosing where to shop.

percent shopping at new online stores by day 4-20

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Consumer sentiment

What are people buying and why?

Many people tell us they’re influenced by what companies are doing to support their employees during this period, from taking more precautionary measures to providing hazard pay or other financial support.. Some say they’re actually purchasing just to support companies that they feel are doing a good job. One person mentioned planning to buy shoes because they want “small businesses that are doing the right thing to survive.”

While many have delayed making big purchases, like cars, until the future, others are taking advantage of deals that seem too good to pass up. Several people told us that they’re now considering buying a car based on recent deals they’ve seen.

In many parts of the world, people are gearing up for warmer weather and exercising outside. People have said they are buying workout shorts to running shoes to basketball hoops. Many want to take advantage of the weather even if it can only be in small doses.

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