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Covid-19 poll daily insights

April 14, 2020

  • Delivery speed is especially important to those living with kids under 18.
  • Most people say they don’t know what they might want to buy two weeks from now.
  • A majority of people under 45 have started buying from websites they hadn’t shopped before.


Parents prioritize speedy delivery. Overall, respondents ranked product availability, low price, and free shipping as top priorities when determining where to shop. However, fast delivery is more important to those with kids in their household: 67 percent of people living with kids under 18 said fast delivery is important to them, compared to 48 percent of those without kids at home.

There may be a few reasons for this. With homeschooling continuing, some parents say they need items for lessons, like science equipment, paint, and notebooks. Others say they’re just looking for ways to keep their kids entertained. As one person said of their purchases this week, “I am preparing for a “no summer camp” scenario.”

shopping priorities for people with kids vs without kids 4-14

Beyond groceries, most people don’t know what they’ll buy two weeks from now. Eleven percent of people say they know what they plan to buy in two weeks. The rest were unsure. For some, that’s due to uncertainty about what will happen with coronavirus, social distancing measures, or the economy. Others aren’t sure how their needs might change over the next few weeks. As one person said, “I buy what I decide I need that week, if I discover I don’t have it.”

Most younger shoppers are exploring new online retailers. Shoppers of all ages are turning to websites they haven’t purchased from before, but younger shoppers are branching out the most: Fifty-one percent of respondents under 45 say they’re buying from places they haven’t shopped before. But those 45 and over are close behind: Forty-four percent of them say they’ve purchased from at least one new place.

percent of online shoppers buying from new retailers by age 4-14

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Consumer sentiment

What are people buying and why?

Beauty, cosmetics, and grooming products continue to be a staple for many. Some are using this time to step up their look, whether testing out new makeup products or experimenting with new hairstyles. As one person said of their beauty purchases “I wanna have a glow-up during this quarantine.”

Since many coffee shops have closed or limited their hours, some people are taking their caffeine fix into their own hands. Many survey participants mentioned stocking up on coffee for their homes. One person mentioned that they’ve switched over to energy drinks, saying that they “give me a jump start in the morning.”

Some people are just trying to create a sense of normalcy and bring more enjoyment to life at home. A number of people mentioned buying items like hobby goods and clothes for this reason. As one person said, “I still want to live like I was, not that it was extravagant.”

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