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Covid-19 poll daily insights

April 9, 2020

  • The more time employed people spend living under stay-at-home guidelines, the more they start to buy impulsively.
  • Retirees are steadily shopping for home goods, and many say they’re planning repeat purchases in the near future.
  • People who buy health and fitness products are often also buying apparel and accessories.


Impulse buying increases over time. Among employed survey participants, spending more time at home seems to lead to more impulsive buying behavior. In states that started taking precautions more recently, many say they’re planning out their purchases. However, in states where people started staying home weeks ago, we’ve seen impulsive spending behavior increase as time has passed. As people spend more time at home, they may be making some impulse purchases as a way to adjust to changes in their lifestyle and routine.

spending habits of employed individuals by stay at home order date 4-9

Retirees are redecorating. Retirees are continuing to steadily buy home goods. Twenty-three percent say they’ve bought home goods in the last two weeks, while 22 percent said they plan to do so over the next two weeks. Many of those recent buyers plan to become repeat purchasers soon: 48 percent of those who bought said they plan to buy again in the next couple of weeks.

As one retiree acknowledged, they “have not purchased furniture in 25-45 years. It’s time.”

Shoppers are gearing up for new health and fitness regimens. Forty-five percent of respondents who bought health and fitness products also bought apparel and accessories. As many people have adapted their workouts to their homes or started new routines, some may be buying specific attire for new types of activities.

health and fitness gear buyers who also bought apparel 4-9

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What are people buying and why?

Everyone needs food, and some people are enjoying treats and special meals as a way of making the most of time at home. Store-bought snacks hit the spot for some, while others are taking the opportunity to test out their culinary skills. One person mentioned that they’ve been buying “some more impulsive ‘fun’ items of food, such as baking goods.”

Unfortunately, the toilet paper shortage continues. While some shoppers stocked up by the cartload weeks ago, others are now dealing with the aftermath. As one person told us, “I only have one roll left… people have been buying it up like crazy. Now there’s none left for people who didn’t try to hoard it all.”

Gaming has become a welcome distraction for those spending more time at home. Gaming traffic has jumped as much as 75 percent in recent weeks, according to data from Verizon. Even people who didn’t consider themselves gamers before are getting in on the action by buying brand new consoles. One person noted that they plan to buy a Nintendo Switch, since “being quarantined at home has left me with fewer options for entertainment.”

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