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Covid-19 poll daily insights

April 2, 2020

  • Trending: For the fourth day in a row, more people report buying from independent retailers.
  • The category on men’s minds: housewares, home furnishings and garden supplies.
  • The more kids that live in a household, the more likely it was that the household purchased toys. Households with 3 or more kids reported buying the most toys.


Looking towards independent retailers continues to rise. Whether respondents are shopping from local businesses or their favorite online brands, every day this week, more people reported shopping at independent retailers. Apparel and accessories remain favorite purchases of people shopping at independent retailers. Sixty-two percent of yesterday’s respondents who said they’ve shopped at independent retailers have recently bought apparel and accessories.

percentage of people shopping at independent retailers 4-2

Men want to feel at home. More men have consistently reported planning to buy housewares, home furnishings and garden supplies in the next couple of weeks compared to those who have recently purchased. Twenty-seven percent of women had already purchased home and garden goods, fewer plan to buy from this category in the future.

As one man responded, “I need some furniture to spruce the place up a bit.”

Percentage of men with recent vs planned home goods purchases 4-2

You don’t always need to share. Households with multiple kids reported spending more on toys: 53 percent of families with 3 or more children reported having recently bought toys compared to just 35 percent of families with 1 child and just 21 percent of people with no kids.

Percent of people that bought toys by number of children 4-2

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What are people buying and why?

Many people continue to shop for apparel from home. Some say they are shopping because of sales or to get more comfortable clothing. But for some, it’s more serious. As one person said they need “new work clothes for job interviews.”

For some, more time at home means more quality time with pets. Beyond food, many are buying all kinds of pet care items, from flea collars to treats and toys. As one respondent said “Gotta make sure my pup stays healthy!”

While many gyms are closed, some people are transitioning to at-home workouts. Yoga stands out as a popular choice among survey respondents, though fitness purchases vary. Shoppers are buying everything from virtual classes to yoga mats and workout gear to help set up a new fitness routine at home.

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