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March 30, 2020

  • Amazon leads the pack of online shopping destinations.
  • Women are investing in self-care, but the types of purchases they’re making differ by age group.


Amazon is still the go-to destination for online shopping. 89 percent of respondents indicated that they are shopping online using Amazon. Major retailers (Target, Walmart, etc) were the second most popular option, chosen by 37 percent of respondents. Independent retailers were a close third, chosen by 32 percent of respondents. And others are definitely shopping around, as 8 percent responded that they had shopped at all three.

where people are shopping online 3-30

Women of all ages are making self-care purchases. As people adjust to spending more time at home, finding ways to unwind and keep calm becomes important, leading to purchases of everything from spa treatments to yoga mats. But the types of self-care purchases women are making vary by age: Women under 45 have made more health- and fitness-related purchases, while those over 45 have bought more beauty and cosmetics products.

self care type spending by age 3-30

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Consumer sentiment

What are people buying and why?

Some consumers are cutting back on spending due to financial uncertainty tied to business closures and layoffs. As one respondent put it, they’re buying “Only necessities, no new stuff because of potential lay off.”

Others have begun realizing that makeshift work-from-home setups aren’t comfortable or productive enough to use as a longer-term solution. “I don’t know how long I’ll have to work from home, and my body already feels more achy than usual,” said another participant.

Creating an enjoyable and inviting space has also become a priority. “I plan to buy art to further decorate my home,” said one respondent. Others reported making purchases like rugs, plants, and paint to improve their living spaces.

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