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March 27, 2020

  • Those who spent more than twice as much as normal in the last week bought electronics at a higher rate.
  • More men reported planning to buy fitness gear compared to those who had already bought it.
  • Beyond food and beverage, the highest percentage of respondents said they were planning to buy apparel and accessories soon.


Electronics are typically a more expensive commodity, which might be one reason why people who reported spending more than twice as much as normal bought significantly more electronics than any other group. Fifty-two percent of respondents in the highest spend category reported buying electronics. Excluding food and beverage, electronics were the highest category of spend for high spenders by a wide margin. For most, it appears this was a one-time purchase, but 31 percent of this high-spend electronics buyers group said they are planning to buy more electronics.

electronics purchasers by recent spend 3-27

It’s finally leg day. There was an increase in men reporting that they’re planning on buying health and fitness gear in the future. While only 27 percent of men reported recently buying health and fitness gear, 37 percent indicated that they were planning on buying it in the future. For women, this trend was in decline with 32 percent reporting buying health and fitness gear recently and only 19 percent saying they would buy it in the next couple weeks.

One respondent reported his new essentials as, “Food, alcohol, yoga mat, and weights.”

recent and planned health and fitness spending by gender 3-27

Everyone wants to look good and feel comfortable on Zoom calls, which is apparent as 27.5 percent of respondents say they are planning to buy apparel and accessories in the next few weeks. Most of these are repeat category buyers, with 63 percent having recently purchased apparel and accessories in the prior few weeks.

As one person who intends to purchase said, “Like most, I’m working from home and want to be comfortable but not disheveled on a daily basis.”

percentage of repeat vs new planned buyers of apparel 3-27

percent planning on buying apparel 3-27

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Consumer sentiment

What are people buying and why?

Some people are using this time to try out some new activities and hobbies at home.

One person responded that they’re buying “new foods and kitchen appliances to make recipes. I have yet to try CBD gummies (never tried but now that I’m home, why not?).”

While times are tough, people want to take advantage of great sales, especially if the company also helps out those in need: “I have been persuaded into buying things to take advantage of sales… they are donating sales towards someone/organizations in need and I want to help out”

People need structure—with long days at home, perfecting a skincare routine is one way to add some stability: “Since primarily staying in my house, my skincare routine and makeup in the morning is a nice activity to help maintain structure.”

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