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Covid-19 poll daily insights

March 31, 2020

  • Thirty-one percent of respondents continue to say sales are going up.
  • Trending volume: for the tenth day in a row, both health and fitness and beauty and cosmetics brands continue to say their sales are going up.
  • More brands say they’re seeing supply chain issues.


Thirty-one percent of respondents, up six percent from last week, say their sales are going up. Consumers seem to be continuing to shift their dollars to new essentials—toys and hobbies, health and fitness, beauty and cosmetics, housewares, and office supplies.

Of the brands that say sales are increasing, 50 percent sell products in a new essentials category, up six percent from last week.

Are your sales being affected 3-31

What do you sell? 3-31

What’s Trending?

For the tenth day in a row, both health and fitness and beauty and cosmetics brands continue to report their sales are up. And as of the most recent survey (March 31, 2020), brands in both of these categories say they’re also experiencing the following:

  • 85 percent said they haven’t encountered any shipping delays
  • 71 percent said their sales have increased since last week
  • 71 percent said their conversion rates have increased since last week
  • 71 percent said there are no issues with their supply chains
  • 71 percent said they’re spending more on ads
  • 57 percent said their ad spends are more efficient than before
  • 50 percent said email and ads are helping them during this time

Change in sales from last week 3-31

Has your website conversion rate changed from last week 3-31

Are you seeing issues with your supply chain 3-31

Up 10 percent from last week, 52 percent of brands now say they’re experiencing delays with their logistics provider or they don’t have access to their inventory.

Specifically, 52 percent of these brands said they’re experiencing shipping delays and several mentioned issues with getting raw supplies.

One brand said, “Our supplier has quoted us anywhere from eight weeks to a couple of months and, due to predictability, quality, and trust, finding an alternative will take time.”

Is your supply chain affected 3-31

Effective Marketing Moments

What’s working?

Expanding your business to align with current events., a provider of screen printing designs and equipment, updated their website to let customers know they’ve created masks—something they haven’t sold before. Additionally, for every ten packs of masks they sell, the company will donate one pack to a local healthcare facility. mask donations

Creating philanthropic promotions. Oofos, a recovery footwear company for men and women, updated their website to include an exclusive promotion for nurses during this time. Additionally, the brand is donating more than 1,000 pairs of shoes to nurses and the medical community.

Oofos thank you promotion for nurses


Brands with increasing sales

How are they feeling?

Thirty-one percent of brands with increasing sales have an optimistic outlook about the future. Many brands say that’s because of their recurring customers.

One brand highlighted the importance of having a customer community:

“The most important lesson we’ve learned is that if you support the community you’ve created and continue to openly communicate with your customers, they will stand by you. There’s an old adage about how the worst time to start digging a well is when you want a glass of water. We’ve been building a rapport with our customers since day one and now we know they have our back, as well.”

What’s working?

Brands say email marketing, Facebook ads, promotions, and content development are working best for them.

Forty-seven percent of respondents said email marketing and social media ads are helping them.

One brand said part of its communication strategy is to “stay in communication with our customers—not trying to sell them products we think they’ll want during this time. Those emails and ads from companies come off as prying and hollow. No one wants another three-paragraph letter from a CEO about ‘navigating trying times.’”

Another brand we spoke with said that keeping it simple with “plain text emails” has also been working.

Additionally, 10 percent of respondents said promotions like discounts or value bundles are helping, while 15 percent said content marketing is working for them.

Brands with decreasing sales

How are they feeling?

Brands with decreasing sales are feeling concerned about their current state yet hopeful about their future outlook.

  • 76 percent said their website conversion rates have decreased from last week
  • 76 percent said their sales have decreased by 30 percent or more from last week
  • 18 percent said they’re concerned about their supply chain and shipping, with many saying their products are out of stock
  • 38 percent said they expect to emerge stronger because they’re collecting more data, they’re pivoting and optimizing their business, and their increased sales demand is coming from online vs. in-store

What’s working?

Forty percent of brands with decreasing sales said that engaging customers on social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram, and through email has been working well.

One brand shared, “Klaviyo is helping us stay in touch with existing customers. Attracting new customers is not easy.

Seven percent of brands said promotions are currently helping them, as well.

Brands with flat sales

How are they feeling?

Thirty percent of brands with flat sales seem unconcerned about their business today and 50 percent seem hopeful about their future.

Seventy-five percent said their ads are running as efficiently or more efficiently than they were before.

Shipping and supply chain issues seem to be posing less of a problem for brands with flat sales: 80 percent of respondents said they haven’t experienced any shipping issues while 47 percent said they haven’t experienced supply chain issues, either.

What’s working?

Focusing on internal matters. Thirty percent of brands said that having time to think and taking care of their employees are helping them right now.

One brand said, “Continuing to grow our company, taking care of our employees and others that rely on our company for income [is what we’re focusing on right now].”

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