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Covid-19 poll daily insights

March 26, 2020

  • More than 24 percent of respondents continue to say sales are going up
  • Trending: for the third day in a row, beauty and cosmetics brands report increased sales
  • Trending: for the fourth day in a row, more brands say they’re seeing issues with shipping


For the fourth day in a row, more brands say sales are going up this week versus last week. Consumers seem to be shifting their dollars to new essentials—toys and hobbies, health and fitness, beauty and cosmetics, and specialty products. Of the brands that say sales are increasing, 57 percent sell products in a new essentials category.

are your sales affected 3-26

what do you sell 3-26

Of the new essential businesses that said sales are up, thirty percent operate in the beauty and cosmetics category—an increase of nineteen percent from yesterday. This is the third day in a row we’re seeing increased sales come from this subcategory. This trend could indicate that consumers are seeking comfort and self-care—or what’s known as the “lipstick effect” during this uncertain time.

Additionally, of the beauty and cosmetics brands that say sales are increasing, 75 percent said they’ve had more than a forty percent increase in sales since last week. These brands also have an advantage: none have said they’ve seen issues to date with their supply chain.

beauty cosmetics sales up 3-26

Up from three percent, 38 percent of brands now say they’re experiencing shipping issues. Additionally, of the brands that say they’re experiencing issues with shipping, 55 percent also say they’re having issues with their supply chain, either because a factory is closed or their suppliers are temporarily pausing production due to perceived health risks or reduced staffing.

brands experiencing shipping delays 3-26

is your supply chain affected 3-26


Effective Marketing Moments

What’s working?

Pivoting your business model. Yaymaker, an events company formerly known as Paint Nite, turned their in-person events into virtual events that people can access from their computers while working from home (WFH). People can choose from many online events at varying price points, and they even let you know what materials you need so you can be prepared. This is a great way to creatively entertain yourself, your kids, and your team while at home.

Yaymaker virtual paint nite

Driving sales back to small brick and mortars. Corksicle, a brand that sells drinkware, updated their website with messaging to support local businesses that sell their products. All proceeds sold online from will go directly to a local store of your choice.

Corkcicle support local businesses


Brands with increasing sales

How are they feeling?

Brands with increasing sales say they’re feeling optimistic about the future. One said, “I think online purchasing will grow three times bigger.”

Several brands have reported they’re learning more and that they’ll emerge stronger than they were before.

Another said, “We’ll come out stronger. The business has had to learn to operate more efficiently and embrace digital fully in order to carry on trading.”

What’s working?

Brands reported that changing content to reflect the current situation, and keeping it positive and inspirational, is working best for them today.

One brand said they’ve changed their weekly newsletter. Instead of communicating about product launches or sharing content that’s unrelated to the current situation, they’re instead keeping things timely and relevant through that channel.

Charity-driven efforts also seem to be helping. One brand said they’re offering a discounted care package with a nightshirt, toothbrush, lip balm, and eyemask, and they’re making a donation to a local food bank with every purchase.

Brands with decreasing sales

How are they feeling?

Brands with decreasing sales are feeling bleak about their current state and uncertain about their future outlook.

  • Seventy percent have reported that their website conversion rate has decreased from last week.
  • Fifty-five percent say their sales have decreased by 40 percent from last week.
  • When asked how long they think their businesses will be impacted, at least 20 percent said they don’t know.

Many people are questioning how long the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will last and brands say they’re concerned about the impact that rising unemployment will have on consumer spending.

Many brands are keeping a careful eye on overhead and marketing spend, with many saying they’re spending less on ads because they’re not as efficient as they were previously.

What’s working?

Brands say focusing on engaging customers through email, offering discounts, and collaborating with influencers is working well.

One brand said that the daily revenue they’re generating through email marketing is coming primarily from their existing customer base.

Brands with flat sales

How are they feeling?

Brands with flat sales remain concerned not only with how they’ll find customers in this current economic climate, but also with how consumer spending habits may shift as a result of rising unemployment.

What’s working?

Brands say they’re using this time to be optimistic and learn new things, like how to improve their marketing and advertising strategies, for example.

Many brands say they’re using social media, particularly Facebook, to engage customers and sell their products, and that this approach is working well for them.

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