Klaviyo vs. Iterable for ecommerce email marketing

Considering alternatives to Iterable? Learn why Iterable users considered Klaviyo when exploring other email and SMS solutions. Klaviyo, as an alternative can be easier to use, and has enterprise-grade features. That’s why it’s trusted by fast-growing brands of all sizes. And Klaviyo gets results: It’s been shown to increase owned-channel revenue by an average of 45% in the first six months, and it delivers an average ROI of 62x.

Targeted emails with data analysis

Klaviyo helps ecommerce and retail stores drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS marketing. Whether your store is built on a standard ecomm platform or a custom platform, Klaviyo quickly imports your data and makes it available for use without limitation. Plus, with an accessible, flexible, and well-documented open API, developers can bring any and all data into Klaviyo—including POS data from any brick and mortar retail location. The best part? There’s no need for a complex setup. Enterprise-grade marketing without the hassle is here.



Marketing with predictive analytics

Ready to increase your open rates, reduce customer churn, and finally know when the best time is to send your emails? Klaviyo is built to uncover insights with predictive analytics. Thanks to Klaviyo’s 146,000+ customers, Klaviyo’s predictive algorithms were created, tested, and trained based on the largest data set in the ecommerce space.

Ecommerce-specific features help you sell more

Klaviyo was built with the unique tools ecommerce businesses need to grow. Features like Back in Stock, product recommendations, and unique coupons are built right into the platform to help you drive more revenue.

Build signup forms without coding

Get custom signup forms up and running on your site in no time with Klaviyo’s built-in form builder. Choose from embedded, flyout, and pop-up forms to build your ideal site experience and reach different segments.

Looking to send a discount to VIP customers without disrupting other shoppers’ experiences? With Klaviyo, you can. On the other hand, Iterable only offers limited form-building options—which can mean paying for more software to fill in the gap.

Get SMS on your terms

Klaviyo SMS includes all segmentation and personalization features, and works with Klaviyo Email to streamline campaign management across channels. Flexible pricing, no contracts, and no minimums mean that you won’t have to pay for messages you don’t need. And built-in revenue attribution lets you see the real value Klaviyo delivers, so you can take the guesswork out of measuring your ROI. With Klaviyo, you’re in control.

Iterable doesn’t have that flexibility. But it does have a minimum threshold of 25,000 messages, which means you might end up paying for messages you won’t use. Its revenue attribution is complicated, too: You’d have to use their API and carefully plan your UTM parameters just to get it working.