Use Rapid Segmentation To Find Opportunities

rapid segmentation

The best marketers use data to act and adjust quickly. To keep our customers ahead of the game, we’ve overhauled Klaviyo’s segmentation engine from the ground up and made it 27x times faster. Build any segment you need on the fly – regardless of segment complexity, account size, or number of profiles – and it will be available in minutes.

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Why Segmentation Matters

Before we talk product, there are two basic facts about effective email marketing:

  1. The key to good marketing is being relevant. Relevant messaging gets the right content in front of the right people – the ones who engage, buy, and come back for more.
  2. Segmentation lets you know who those right people are. That is why email segmentation is so powerful.

Across all Klaviyo customers (over 5,000 of them) in January 2018, emails sent to segments earned 11X higher revenue per recipient than emails sent to the entire main list. If you’re still sending to most or all of your main list, stop what you’re doing and start segmenting!

How You Can Use Rapid Segmentation

Use the segment builder interface to craft your customer segments using the behaviors and demographic traits most aligned with your goals and strategies. You can then use them to learn more about your customer activity, and then act on that knowledge. For example, you notice your main product sales are going well, but the related add-on products seem to be lagging.

  • Learn: build a segment of customers who are 1) buying your main product and 2) not buying any of the related add-on fields. Sure enough, there will be a number of profiles that fit that criteria.
  • Act: build a series of follow-on flows and cross-product campaigns to get more revenue and build better relationships with the customers you identified via your segment.

Rapid segmentation lets you work iteratively and send messages quickly because you learn faster and more importantly, smarter. Now that speed is no longer a factor, the only thing limiting segments is the size of your curiosity. When segmentation is that fast, a world of ecommerce opportunities becomes available to you.

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