The real cost of Mailchimp

I want you to think about the last smartphone you purchased, knowing you may be reading this post on that very same device. Now answer me this:

Did you pick your device based solely on price or did you purchase the device that offered the best balance of functionality, performance, and price for your daily needs?

I’ll go out on a limb and assume for the vast majority of you reading this, that you chose the latter. So then why would you evaluate marketing automation solutions for your business in a way that you don’t even use for a smartphone purchase? Much like having a smartphone, choosing the right marketing automation platform to drive productivity and keep you connected with the people that matter most should not just be based on price. It needs to focus on providing the most relevant features to help you maximize growth and achieve your goals.

Today I want to talk about the importance of looking beyond a single factor for your next Marketing Automation solution and take a deeper look at how Klaviyo provides the greatest value in growing your business.

Current Landscape

March 22nd represented a major disruption for anyone using Mailchimp + Shopify, as you were put into a situation to decide within six weeks, how you would be marketing and communicating with your customers. We understand, no matter what your size, that disruption is resource consuming and pulls you away from your daily focus of growing your brand.

Within this unplanned change, you have been presented with two options: 1) Find a new platform that integrates with Shopify 2) Select bolt-on features to remain on Mailchimp.

Understandably, when faced with a rapidly approaching deadline, we’ve had conversations with merchants that are trying to narrow down choices and using one specific factor to filter their options quickly: Price.

If you don’t choose a phone based on one factor, why would you do that for a channel that should be driving more than 20% of your ecommerce revenue?

In the following two sections I will not only explain what the Total Cost of Ownership looks like for Mailchimp, but I will also show why this disruption is the perfect time to be leveling up and utilizing Klaviyo to drive the next chapter of your ecommerce growth story.

Forgotten Factors

While we at Klaviyo believe in a straightforward, all-inclusive pricing model, we know that is not the case amongst other marketing tech solutions. Many merchants believe that we are double the cost of Mailchimp and on the surface it may appear that way, but what we need to look at is Total Cost of Ownership as it is not a 1:1 comparison.

As an example, let’s take a store that has 10,000 contacts. On Klaviyo the cost would be $150/mo and on Mailchimp it would be $75/mo. Now that we’ve set our starting point, let’s dig a little deeper to look at the Total Cost of Ownership:

Feature Mailchimp Klaviyo
Unique Coupon Codes ~$29+/mo (3rd Party App) Included
Back In Stock Automation ~$19+/mo (3rd Party App) Included
Advanced Pop-Ups ~$49+/mo (3rd Party App) Included
Segmentation $199/mo (Pro Plan) Included
Multivariate Testing $199/mo (Pro Plan) Included
Zapier Integration $20-$125/mo (for Premium Features) Not Necessary/Included

Just based on features we know drive significant revenue growth, the total cost of ownership for this example skyrockets Mailchimp to $399+/mo. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, because prices aren’t even publicly available for integrations such as data integrations for customer profiles or predictive analytics (which are also part of Klaviyo’s all-inclusive platform).

The takeaway here is that you need to look beyond just a single factor (i.e. Base Price) when evaluating your marketing platforms. If you are serious about growing your brand and lowering your Customer Acquisition Cost, then it’s time to look at the value Klaviyo opens up to all of our customers. Come find out how 4,900 former Mailchimp customers last year averaged 46% revenue growth in their first six months and found superior ROI with Klaviyo.

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