What’s new in Klaviyo: May product updates

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Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact. Product updates, no matter how minor, can help you save time and avoid headaches in your workflows, processes, and deliverables.

Every month, Klaviyo pushes product improvements that make it easier for you to design the experiences your customers want and drive revenue for your brand. We sweat the small stuff because we know how important your time is—working efficiently benefits you and the customers you’re serving.

Here’s how we’ve made our software more intuitive and flexible to use:

Learn fast and build better: customizable dashboards and more

Encountering technological roadblocks throughout your workday only slows you down. We’ve all been there—it’s a hassle.

Finding what you need—to make better marketing decisions, to create complex automations, to build robust audience segments, or to design an experience that could hugely benefit your customers—shouldn’t take all day.

When you work in Klaviyo, it won’t. Our most recent improvements allow you to:

Get a comprehensive view of the KPIs most important to your business

What constitutes a marker of success for your business might not be the same for other brands. And vice versa.

Analyzing performance data isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. It’s unique to you. Which is why Klaviyo’s new overview dashboard is entirely customizable and consolidates essential KPIs into a single location.

“The overview dashboard provides a way to find all your most important metrics with one-click customization options to fit your business needs,” says Tricia Gregg, senior product manager at Klaviyo.

“The overview dashboard provides a way to find all your most important metrics with one-click customization options to fit your business needs.”

-Tricia Gregg, senior product manager at Klaviyo

The overview dashboard will default to a view of core metrics for attribution and engagement, for both email and SMS. And it gives all Klaviyo users access to a data library of different views that help answer common questions related to your marketing funnel or deliverability.

You can even add visualizations for custom metrics and see embedded benchmarks data to instantly identify where your opportunities for growth lie.

conversion data block for a dashboardconversion summary block for a dashboard

You don’t have to root around in various areas of the platform to find your data and manually stitch together a picture of how your business is performing. The overview dashboard provides a holistic view that aligns with your distinct business priorities.

Learn more about the overview dashboard

Seamlessly find the resources you need to answer in-product questions

The unification goodness doesn’t stop at data. Klaviyo has also unified the search functionality across its educational ecosystem—Klaviyo Academy, the community forum, the developer portal, and our help center.

If you have a question, simply search for a topic and all 4 systems will serve up relevant responses.

This means you can spend less time searching for answers and more time implementing solutions that’ll improve your customer experiences.

Plus, the more Academy courses you take or knowledge you share out in the community forum, the stronger your credibility within the Klaviyo ecosystem will be. With each interaction, you’ll gain badges that correlate to your experience level.

These badges will appear on your profile and demonstrate to other users that you’re a Klaviyo powerhouse—a member of their community they can count on for product assistance.

Start engaging with the Klaviyo community today

Build on top of Klaviyo’s platform

If you’re a Klaviyo developer at a customer or partner, check out our more consistent and expansive set of V3 APIs rolling out this summer.

“The expansion of Klaviyo’s APIs, SDKs, as well as an improved developer experience will give developers the ability to extend the functionality of Klaviyo in new ways to serve the needs of our customers across 150 countries around the world.”

-Justin Fink, director of developer marketing at Klaviyo

“The expansion of Klaviyo’s APIs, SDKs, as well as an improved developer experience will give developers the ability to extend the functionality of Klaviyo in new ways to serve the needs of our customers across 150 countries around the world,” says Justin Fink, director of developer marketing at Klaviyo.

3 areas we’re improving are:

Consistency and connectivity

All-new APIs will use the JSON:API response and request format standard. This means developers can now:

  • Enjoy the benefits of GraphQL without leaving the comforts of REST APIs behind
  • Query multiple related objects in a single API request
  • Use the benefits of HTTP caching, unlike with GraphQL, which is protocol-agnostic


Klaviyo’s APIs will have a standard, well-communicated set of policies for versioning and deprecation.

We will publicly state all our policies in our developer portal, and we’ll make definitions of “breaking changes” easily accessible and clear.

Feature parity

We’re expanding our APIs to include many commonly requested features spanning flows, catalogs, campaigns, subscriptions, lists, and more, including:

  • Filtering all profiles by email address and phone number
  • Sending campaigns to multiple lists or segments and excluding lists or segments via an API
  • Getting list and segment membership for individual profiles, without the need to iterate through list and segment membership API responses

Sign up for early access to Klaviyo’s V3 APIs

New ways to stay compliant, organized, and strategic

Whenever we roll out product updates, we have 2 groups of people in mind: our customers and yours.

We aim to give you the tools you need to design valuable, personalized moments for your customers, and we strive to make those tools highly intuitive and functional for each of our users. Essentially, we want to give you the ability to do complex things, easily.

That’s why you can now:

Manage and configure tracking with OneTrust/CookiePro compatibility

Staying up to date with compliance regulations is no easy feat, especially given how prone data privacy policies are to change.

As your trusted partner, Klaviyo aims to make your job of staying compliant an uncomplicated one.

By partnering with OneTrust, you can feel confident that when a customer has not consented to Klaviyo’s onsite cookie tracking, we won’t track their behaviors.

When your site visitor eventually consents to Klaviyo’s cookies, our tracking functionality will work as expected. The best part? You don’t have to be a compliance expert or technical pro to set it up. And it’s free to get started.

Learn how to configure OneTrust with Klaviyo

Effortlessly pick separate lists for email and SMS subscribers when creating a form

As you get ready to launch a multi-step sign-up form, Klaviyo will now prompt you to select an email list and a separate SMS list to funnel your subscribers to.

With this updated, streamlined process, your lists will stay organized—sans any manual work to separate out one subscriber type from the other.

option to chose separate lists for Klaviyo's multi-step forms

Better organization translates to honoring your shoppers’ preferences and communicating with your customers on the right channel.

Launch a multi-step form on your site now

Add UTM parameters to SMS campaigns and automations

Klaviyo wants you to analyze your data in a way that works for you, and we realize that might mean reviewing performance outside of our platform.

For users who rely on Google Analytics, you’ll soon be able to track SMS only and omnichannel engagement from Klaviyo via UTM parameters built specifically for SMS.

utm tracking in klaviyo for sms campaigns

If you opt to use them, Klaviyo will automatically add the UTM parameters before link shortening occurs to ensure the lowest character count possible.

With both email and SMS data arriving in Google Analytics, you can analyze your digital acquisition conversions holistically by channel to determine what’s driving value and where to invest your budgets in the future.

Learn more about these upcoming UTM parameters for SMS

Integrations to amplify customer loyalty and retention

The beauty of using a flexible customer platform, like Klaviyo, is the ability to easily integrate other softwares directly with it and create a unified one-stop shop for your customer data—data you can activate with a few clicks of your mouse.

This month, Klaviyo added 2 integrations that will help you jazz up your post-purchase experiences, much to the delight of your customers:

Narvar: use shipping event data to craft highly personalized campaigns

Klaviyo customers using Narvar can now use post-purchase and fulfillment data to segment audiences and send tailored messages that are unique to a customer’s order.

“Marketers can sometimes overlook how much shipping-related events can help with post-purchase email and SMS engagement,” says Dan Caldwell, senior strategic partner manager at Klaviyo.

“Marketers can sometimes overlook how much shipping-related events can help with post-purchase email and SMS engagement.”

-Dan Caldwell, senior strategic partner manager at Klaviyo

“Events from the Narvar integration can power transactional messages related to shipping statuses and also help drive better timed product review requests or invitation to loyalty programs—all while helping you to avoid sending these types of messages when a shipment has been delayed.”

Narvar will pass event information into Klaviyo which can trigger automated emails or texts. These event statuses include:

  • Shipment confirmation
  • Delivered
  • Carrier delay
  • Missed delivery
  • Out for delivery
  • Returns initiated
  • Returns on its way
  • Return cancellation
  • Return delivered

Plus, you can tap into post-purchase information to help inform one-off campaign sends and reduce the likelihood of your customers reaching out to your support team with order process or product questions.

Learn how to connect Narvar data with Klaviyo

Returnly: use returns data to enhance your segmentation

Just because a customer returns an item doesn’t mean they won’t purchase from you again. Perhaps they ordered the wrong size or color. Or simply changed their mind.

Whatever the reason for the return, you can now use those details to help paint a clearer picture of who your customers are and what they care about.

This allows you to further segment your post-purchase audience and send messages that feel like a 1:1 experience based on someone’s reason for a return or an outstanding credit balance.

“The Returnly integration can help not only keep customers up to date on the status of their return but also increase revenue by sending email and SMS messages to win back refunded customers or by highlighting a seamless return policy in abandoned cart messages,” says Caldwell.

The returns process—and the subsequent emails and texts you send—is a crucial opportunity to create a positive encounter with your brand. Klaviyo’s integration with Returnly ensures you won’t overlook it.

Read more about the Klaviyo x Returnly integration

Updates that help you progress toward success

Every month, Klaviyo makes improvements to its customer platform to help you deliver highly personalized customer experiences, no matter the size of your audience.

Big or small, each update strives to help you accomplish your business goals and create a digital environment where you can be innovative, decisive, and effective.

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