What’s new in Klaviyo: August product updates

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September 15, 2022
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We’re continuing to ship new features and platform enhancements so you can focus on building your business. 

This month we’re highlighting new features that help you make better decisions with your data, save time while building new campaigns, and create more personalized email and SMS experiences for your customers.

Make better decisions with campaign performance by segment

Inspire your customers to keep coming back: A new type of reporting helps you spot which customer segments responded best to a campaign, and then you can message them in just the right way next time you reach out. 

Klaviyo’s new campaign performance by segment report lets you see how each audience engages with the messages you send. Klaviyo will automatically break out your campaign engagement and conversion metrics for each segment you send to. When you see a campaign that performed strongly with a certain segment, you can adjust your strategy to send them similar campaigns in the future.

Platform screenshot of Audience Breakdown tab showing metrics for three segments

Learn more about campaign performance by segment reporting.

Spot your strongest and weakest performing flows with benchmarks

Klaviyo benchmarks help spot areas of opportunity or concern so you can best focus your time. Now, Klaviyo provides benchmarks for all of your flows, regardless of the type. You can see your flow performance over time in relation to other companies similar to your own. Choose to view the performance of an individual flow or a certain type of flow, such as your welcome series or abandoned cart flows.

See your performance over time in relation to similar companies who use the same flow types. Focus your attention on improving the flows that are underperforming your peers and feel confident in the flows that are overperforming.

Platform screenshot benchmarking performance of a welcome series flow

Compare your flow performance to your peers today.

Start using the new email builder with one-click template conversion

Our advanced, new email editor makes designing emails and campaigns even easier, and now, stepping up from the classic email tool is fast and easy, too. This upgrade lets you make the switch in just a single click — no rebuilding necessary.

Screenshot of email template in old editor with button to switch to new editor highlighted

With the new email builder, you’ll have access to advanced functionality, including universal content, sections and columns support, faster preview experience, autosave, and much more.

Learn more about how to convert your emails to the new editor today.

Share signup forms in the right place, at the right time

To get your website visitors to fill out those signup forms, you need the most customized form possible to pop up at just the right moment. 

We’ve added some new code to help you get more engagement on your website’s signup forms. A new JavaScript object gives brands with developers more control over when and how your signup forms are triggered and who sees them. Now, brands can ensure Klaviyo’s JavaScript has identified shoppers prior to displaying a form and they can use custom triggers to display forms.

For example, developers can set up custom URLs that lead customers to signup forms tailored just for them.

Get more control over when forms are displayed on your site

Now, with the simple toggle of a button, Klaviyo gives you more control over who is seeing your forms. When launching a signup form on your website, you can choose exactly when a website visitor sees it, how often it shows up, and what audiences it appears for, and you can customize these settings for mobile or desktop. 

With this latest release, Klaviyo gives you the option to display forms when all the selected rules are met or when any of the selected rules are met. For example, if you select the display criteria to show when a visitor is leaving the page and to show after scrolling 30% of the page, you can choose if your visitor must complete both of those actions to see the form or complete only one of those actions.

Screenshot of targeting and behavior options for forms with highlighted toggle to show form when all rules are met

This gives you more flexibility to broaden or narrow the audience of your signup forms, giving customers a better experience and, ultimately, getting more customers to sign up.

Build a new form today and try it out. 

Send targeted SMS campaigns with our upgraded LimeSpot integration

Now you can bring the personalization power of LimeSpot to text messages. Klaviyo’s upgraded LimeSpot integration makes it easy to create hyper-targeted SMS campaigns that introduce your customers to new products they’ll love. 

Today, consumers want to communicate with brands over text. In a recent survey, we found that 30% of consumers wanted to receive only SMS when given the choice between receiving email and/or SMS from brands. Enhancing your text marketing toolset means reaching more people in the way they want to be reached, so you can engage more customers and make more sales. The challenge is making sure your brand’s text doesn’t get lost in the noise. By providing the most personalized and relevant shopping recommendations, and by automating texts so they’re sent at exactly the right time, we’re seeing brands make more sales, boost average order values, build customer loyalty, and ultimately, bring in more revenue. 

Getting started is as simple as heading to LimeSpot, creating a code widget, and dropping it into a Klaviyo SMS campaign. Learn more here.

Personalize your email product recommendations with our Searchspring integration

Online shoppers hate getting a generic email, visiting a website, and then — after all that — not being able to find what they want. They won’t make a purchase, and worse, they may jump to a competitor and never come back. They might even unsubscribe from your mailing list. Our new integration for Searchspring makes it simple to drop custom shopping recommendations right into your email campaigns, helping customers find just what they’re looking for — and giving them a convenient shopping experience that will keep them coming back.   

When brands use Searchspring and Klaviyo together to add personalized product recommendations to emails, they’ll see higher customer engagement, more purchases, higher average order values, and stronger customer loyalty. 

To get started, merchants can head to the “email recommendations” tab in Searchspring, add the appropriate email type, and then copy & paste the HTML code directly into the Klaviyo email editor. For more information, see here.

Using Nuvemshop? Boost your business with our Nuvemshop integration

The playbook to building and growing an authentic online brand has evolved. When it comes to selling products on social media, or building relationships with customers, brands are no longer bound to third-party marketplaces — they have access to great tools to do it all on their own. But to really thrive, all those tools need to be integrated and working together. With the new Klaviyo x Nuvemshop integration, over 100,000 brands on the Nuvemshop platform across Central and South America can now seamlessly connect their ecommerce store to Klaviyo in just a single click, and start turning first-time buyers into lifelong customers. 

Klaviyo is easy to use, so any brand – regardless of expertise or technical skill – can tap into smart segmentation and targeting features to make your emails and texts deeply personalized and relevant, and to make sure you’re getting in front of just the right customers at just the right times.
To get started, just follow this quick set-up guide and drop your Klaviyo API keys into Nuvemshop’s integration app.

Updates to make your job easier

This month we focused on helping elevate your marketing with tools and integrations to make better decisions, save time, and build more personalized content. 

We have an exciting lineup of new features to be announced next month. We can’t wait to share them with you.

Kelly Fontaine
Kelly Fontaine