What’s new in Klaviyo: April product updates

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The most impactful marketing moments are born from the union of creative ideas and insightful data. The former is something you, a human, brings to the table, and the latter is found from an integrated technology stack.

Klaviyo’s goal is to help you to create more moments that make your customers feel seen—like they are valuable members of your brand’s ecosystem.

To do that, every month we’re making our software more intuitive, more flexible, more unified, and more capable of helping you deliver the experience that you and your customers want.

Here is how we delivered on that promise over the last month:

More ways to learn about performance, marketing strategies, and deliverability

Klaviyo isn’t just a software that lets you create, it also helps you learn—about your account’s performance, your performance in comparison to your competitor’s, and best practices to improve that performance.

Now, Klaviyo can coach you through:

Which subject lines are most engaging for your audience

No longer over-flex your creative muscles to constantly come up with fresh email subject lines.

Klaviyo’s new Subject Line Assistant is a 3-in-1 powerhouse. It’s an AI tool that:

  • Generates customized subject line options based on your brand, product, and the goal of your campaign
  • Provides historical performance data so you can see what resonated with your audience in the past
  • Surfaces subject line best practices so you can avoid pitfalls that may negatively impact your deliverability.

gif of someone using the subject line assistant in Klaviyo

You can use the tool’s suggestions verbatim or further customize them based on your own preferences.

Regardless of the approach you choose, it’s now easier than ever to craft compelling subject lines that stand out in the inbox.

Learn more about the Subject Line Assistant

Establishing a positive sender reputation

Deliverability and sender reputations are often a top priority for brands sending emails and SMS messages. For those who are just getting started with Klaviyo or who are moving to a dedicated IP address, they’re quite possibly the top priority.

But if you’re not a deliverability expert, which not a lot of us are, these concepts can be daunting to navigate.

That’s why Klaviyo rolled out guided warming—so you can:

  • Build a strong sender reputation
  • Maintain good deliverability
  • Ensure you reach your customers without needing to be a pro

Guided warming will help automate the process of establishing a positive sender reputation with inbox service providers when accounts are warming a new sending infrastructure.

Klaviyo’s guided warming monitors eligible accounts* in the warming period and will detect less engaged message recipients. Why does that matter? Well, sending messages to people who aren’t going to engage with them can potentially harm your sender reputation.

“Klaviyo’s guided warming allows eligible accounts to have a seamless warming period while following deliverability best practices. During the guided warming period, Klaviyo will monitor eligible accounts, notify users when they are about to send to less engaged recipients, and provide the ability to exclude unengaged recipients,” says Nader Fotouhi, lead product manager at Klaviyo.

“Senders have complete visibility into their warming status and receive a notification when warming is complete.”

-Nader Fotouhi, lead product manager at Klaviyo

“Senders have complete visibility into their warming status and receive a notification when warming is complete.”

Klaviyo will alert you when you have problematic or unengaged audiences selected and will automatically exclude them from campaigns to ensure you follow best sender and deliverability practices as you ramp up.

These “smart audiences” function similar to a segment but you do not control them. Klaviyo automatically updates them at each stage of warming, so there’s no pressure on you to do so.

*Please note:
Eligible accounts include accounts recently created, or ones that moved to a dedicated sending domain. Accounts must also have at least 5,000 active profiles, engagement event data in Klaviyo (which can be synced from prior ESP), and must have sent at least 1 campaign to a minimum of 1000 recipients in the last 30 days.

Read more about guided warming

How your popups are performing relative to your peers

“Should I optimize or should I not optimize” is a question that frequently plagues marketers. When it comes to popup forms, it’s tricky trying to evaluate your submit rate if you have no point of reference for what’s high-performing or under-performing.

Klaviyo’s benchmarks feature now allows you to measure your popup form submit rate against your business peers.

We consider factors such as industry, monthly revenue, campaign frequency, growth, and average item value to determine who your peers are so you can feel confident that you’re seeing an accurate comparison.

Now, spend zero time debating whether your popup forms need attention. With popup form benchmarks, quickly determine if your forms are under-performing. If they’re not, apply your marketing efforts elsewhere.

Learn more about Klaviyo benchmarks

Finding relevant email and SMS examples for your campaign research

Showcase is a repository of high-performing email and SMS messages—think stellar open and click-rates—where you can go to find inspiration for your next campaign and learn from what’s worked for other brands.

Klaviyo added a search functionality at the top of Showcase so you can immediately find examples that are relevant to your content needs.

klaviyo search bar in showcase

Now, search for words that exist in the subject lines, body copy, or tags of the email and SMS messages and your results will populate instantly—which means quicker time to discovery and value.

Check out the search functionality for yourself

Save and use custom responses to frequently asked questions via SMS

Part of delivering a positive customer experience entails responding quickly to customer inquiries, with consistent and high-quality responses.

But that’s easier said than done for support agents who field an endless number of inbound questions from customers.

Klaviyo has a solution: quick responses for two-way SMS.

This new feature helps your support agents respond to frequently asked questions with custom, pre-written responses—all easily selected from a drop-down menu directly within Klaviyo.

gif of SMS quick responses in Klaviyo

Your team can achieve faster response times, and feel confident that the messages they share are consistent, on-brand, and valuable for all your customers—reducing disparate experiences and encouraging positive ones.

Discover how to create custom SMS responses in your Klaviyo account

Integrations with ShipBob, Friendbuy, and Shopware to help you build more unique and unified experiences

Integrations allow you to expand on what you thought was possible within Klaviyo. They also help you collect more data in a Klaviyo’s unified customer profiles, and in turn, deliver more experiences to your customers that provide value.

This month, Klaviyo’s new integrations include:

ShipBob: share updates with your customers about their order status

Klaviyo customers using ShipBob can now proactively update customers on their order status during the fulfillment and shipping process.

ShipBob will pass shipping events to Klaviyo that are used to trigger email and SMS messages to customers, updating them on the status of their order.

Some samples notifications include:

  • “Your order has been received by our warehouse”
  • “There was a 1-2 day delay in packaging your order”
  • “Your order has been received by the carrier”
  • “Your order has been delivered”

“Klaviyo is thrilled to now have an integration with ShipBob which sends key shipping related event data into Klaviyo. Merchants can use these events in their Klaviyo email and SMS flows to send transaction messages or use them to tailor post-purchase marketing communications,” says Nicole Hakakian, partner marketing manager at Klaviyo.

It’s a benefit for you and your customers. It prevents customer frustration from a lack of updates and potentially reduces the amount of customer service tickets your team receives.

Gain a unified view of all the messages your customers are receiving and engaging with.

Plus, you gain a unified view of all the messages your customers are receiving and engaging with—promotional and transactional alike.

Learn how to connect ShipBob to Klaviyo

Friendbuy: grow your email and SMS lists through referrals

Referrals are a powerful way to build your subscriber lists because the invite to join comes from a trusted source––like someone’s family member or friend––and increases the likelihood that they buy and remain loyal overtime.

With this recent update to Friendbuy’s integration with Klaviyo, you can now collect both emails and phone numbers from referrals.

By adding SMS to your referral program, you can automatically improve ROI as you collect multi-channel consent and increase referral conversions as SMS opens up another means of communication.

Friendbuy will also send campaign specific details as profile properties in Klaviyo, so you can determine how you acquired a new subscriber and which source is driving the most net-new referrals.

This is about building a bigger SMS list, proper attribution, and a unified customer experience.

Read more about the Klaviyo x Friendbuy integration

Shopware: brands can now use Klaviyo to grow their online business

Ecommerce brands on Shopware don’t have to rely strictly on third-party marketplaces to sell their products nor on social media to build relationships with their customers anymore.

Now, with the Klaviyo x Shopware integration built by Overdose, brands can rely on Klaviyo to provide a playbook for building and growing their online businesses.

Learn how you can have more control over your business through the Shopware integration

Updates made from a customer-first approach

Klaviyo’s in the business of helping you build connections with your customers through highly personalized marketing moments. To do that, we release updates that are tailor-made for you—our customers, the founders, marketers, leaders and creators of the online world.

Check back in every month to see what’s new and how you can use these features to better serve your customers.

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