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High-converting sign-up forms that don’t ruin the customer experience
Profile deduplication to accurately report on channel attribution
Klaviyo-hosted mobile terms of service in a matter of clicks
Two-way text conversations for your customers and your team
Your foundation for the future of ecommerce

If no one reads your message, does that message matter at all?

It’s a question that hits home for marketing teams everywhere. Crafting the perfect message to send at the perfect time is of utmost importance, and yet, how you distribute that message arguably has the most impact on the message’s success.

That’s because how much time, effort, and care you put into the message is a moot point if no one reads it or engages with it. And, you have a lot of competition:

Don’t let those numbers deter you.

As a founder or marketer, you do have important things to share—messages that your customers new and old care about. These include:

  • Product launches
  • Seasonal sales
  • Company updates
  • Tailored messages triggered from actions your customers themselves take on your site.

Klaviyo’s new product updates help you cut through the noise and deliver your messages to your customers exactly as you planned.

This is about putting the power in your hands to create meaningful brand experiences and customer communications that resonate with your audience, every single time.

Here is what we’ve updated so you can own your data, your audience, and your brand’s destiny.

High-converting sign-up forms that don’t ruin the customer experience

What’s the first thing that happens when someone lands on your site? They’re most likely hit with a signup form of some kind—like a popup or a flyout—that extends a discount in exchange for personal information.

But what if someone comes to your site and they’re not ready to take advantage of your offer or provide you with their email address yet?

Enter: a form teaser.

form teaser in klaviyo

A form teaser allows your site visitors to minimize the popup until they’ve gotten to know your brand and your products better. This gives them the freedom to shop your products and provide you their information on their terms—rather than feeling pressure to provide their information at the risk of losing their discount.

“When a customer comes to our site who’s not ready to fill out our signup form and they exit it out, the form teaser will remain at the bottom of our site page,” says Sara Nakash, marketing manager at Manhattan Fruitier. “That way, they can browse and come back to the form once they feel confident in our product and are interested in receiving messages from us.”

"[Customers] can browse and come back to the form once they feel confident in our product and are interested in receiving messages from us."

Sara Nakash, marketing manager at Manhattan Fruitier

fruit baskets and a signup form that folds down into a teaser

Target form teasers to collect more Customer-First Data

Klaviyo’s new form teasers give you the power to capture new subscribers with a variety of intent-based signup forms. This way, you can customize your forms and teasers based on how someone is interacting on your site, or their previous experience with your brand.

Use signup teasers to:

  • Collect more leads without interrupting someone’s ability to browse your site.
  • Respect different browsing preferences.
  • Give site visitors the power to decide when they’re ready to sign up to your list.
  • Determine how site visitors prefer a signup experience on desktop versus mobile.

Gina Perrelli, co-founder and director of CRM at Lunar Solar Group, ran an A/B test of form teasers for five of the agency’s clients.

“We tested the same form with a teaser and without a teaser. On mobile devices, for all five clients, the test came back ‘significant’ for teasers increasing signup form rates,” says Perrelli.

Learn more about implementing form teasers.

Test out form teasers for yourself

Profile deduplication to accurately report on channel attribution

Confidence that you’re sending the right message to the right audience at the right time is rare.

The average small business is using 242 SaaS tools and applications, dispersing customer data across hundreds of locations, and hindering someone’s ability to see the full customer story and journey.

Not to mention that disparate data causes a ton of data discrepancies, duplicate customer profiles, and headaches. Yikes.

For Klaviyo customers, this is no longer a concern thanks to profile merge.

What’s a profile merge? 

A profile merge is when Klaviyo recognizes that two separate profiles are actually the same user and automatically syncs that data into a single profile. Klaviyo customers can also recognize this on their own and manually merge profiles.

It’s a powerful, behind-the-scenes way to ensure you don’t have duplicate profiles—without any disturbance to your customers.

Now, you can better understand a customer’s journey and tailor future experiences to them based on what resonated in the past across multiple communication channels, including website interactions, email engagement, and SMS engagement.

profile merge in klaviyo

Duplicate profiles cause inaccurate attribution 

A major issue with duplicate user profiles is that it detracts from your ability to measure which business activities are leading to conversions. As a result, you end up inflating or deflating the performance and business impact of channel activities.

This happens most often when you separate email marketing and SMS marketing communication channels. In other words, when brands use two different tools for email and SMS, it becomes more challenging to understand which message was more powerful and which played a supporting role in the conversion––at least without doing an incrementality test and isolating audiences for control groups.

Instead, when you unify email and text message marketing in Klaviyo, profile merging reduces inaccurate data to give you the best picture of channel performance.

Better yet, it makes it easy for you to ensure that your audience doesn’t accidentally receive the same message over and over again in a variety of channels.

Learn more about the benefits of housing email and SMS under one roof.

Klaviyo-hosted mobile terms of service in a matter of clicks

In compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), brands that use SMS marketing as part of their strategy must link to their mobile terms of service when collecting text message consent.

A mobile terms of service gives subscribers information on the types and frequency of messages you plan to send.

In the past, finding, customizing, and hosting a mobile terms of service template has been no easy feat.

Today, Klaviyo customers can create a mobile terms of service in a matter of clicks. Simply confirm your brand name, fill in information on the email address for your Support team, the types of promotional SMS messages you plan to send, the types of transactional SMS messages you plan to send, a link to your privacy policy, and you’re done!

Klaviyo will give you a custom URL for your mobile terms of service that you can copy right then and there and begin using it to collect consent and grow your text message list.

example of what a klaviyo-hosted mobile terms of service looks like

With the peace of mind that you’re collecting SMS consent in a compliant way, spend less time worrying and more time designing text experiences that build connections and lay the foundation for long-term customer relationships.

Learn how to create your own Klaviyo-hosted mobile terms of service.

Two-way text conversations for your customers and your team

Remember when Klaviyo unveiled the Gorgias helpdesk integration to help remove potential text message roadblocks with your customers?

That integration is now extending to Zendesk.

Soon, all Klaviyo SMS users with Zendesk will be able to view texts customers send to Klaviyo and respond to them as help desk tickets.

This unification of platforms reduces user friction. Your support agents can now quickly respond to customers on their preferred communication channel, without having to log into Klaviyo to view the original message.

Want early access to the Zendesk integration? Sign up here.

Your foundation for the future of ecommerce

As the privacy-first web takes hold, the future of successful businesses will be determined by Customer-First Marketing strategies that enable customized experiences. How you ethically collect, store and activate data is the crux of that success.

Klaviyo is dedicated to providing creators, entrepreneurs, and their brands with the tools they need to control their destiny. Stay tuned for more product updates from Klaviyo as we extend platform capabilities and build the ecommerce engine for the future of customer acquisition, retention, and unparalleled experience.

Not a Klaviyo customer yet? 

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