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How many times have you passed on buying an item you love because it was too expensive? Maybe it was your dream couch, a swanky new kitchen appliance, or those perfect, my-closet-won’t-be-complete-without-you pair of shoes. 

Whatever the item was, as a shopper, it’s heartbreaking when the price of a product is the only thing holding you back from purchasing it. 

But what if you could receive an email or text message when your beloved shoes, couch, or the item you’ve had your eye on for weeks went on sale? It might feel like a dream come true. 

You can now make your customers’ and subscribers’ dreams a reality, with Klaviyo’s Price Drop Trigger automation. 

You heard about this feature at the recent Klaviyo Product Event. Keep reading to learn how the Price Drop Trigger can help you recapture previously lost sales through highly personalized, automated messages.          

Data is great, but only if you use it correctly

Your audience interacts with your website in many different ways. They can view multiple products pages, add items to their shopping cart, subscribe to your email and SMS list, and so on. 

Each time someone visits your site, they leave a trail of data breadcrumbs. Those tid-bits of information are valuable and unique to each visitor—they tell you where someone was or what they’re interested in. 

But the value of those data points depends on how well your marketing automation platform can scoop them up and provide you with the tools to act on them. 

You may have thousands of visitors to your website every day, each leaving a series of personal identifiers in their wake. If you can decipher that data insightfully—using a platform like Klaviyo—you can create experiences personalized to where each of your customers is in their buying journey.

Give a warm welcome to Price Drop Trigger

Having additional tools to help you easily tailor your messages to your audience gives you more opportunities to build relationships. 

Klaviyo’s Price Drop Trigger is an automation or flow that allows you to notify specific customers or subscribers about changes in the price of an item. Rather than creating a generic campaign that announces a sale and sending it to your entire email and SMS list, it allows you to customize your outreach and put a more individualized spin on your messages. 

With Klaviyo’s Price Drop Trigger, you can target subscribers who’ve expressed interest in a particular product and send them a relevant notification that the item they viewed is now available at a lower price.

And because you’re sending this message to high-intent shoppers, you’re more likely to see your subscribers’ engagement increase and your online sales skyrocket.

Instead of reaching out to people who might take advantage of your discounts, follow the paths of data left for you and let them lead you to the right shoppers.       

Use the Price Drop Trigger to personalize your customers’ experience

Each person is unique, and the more you can create content that’s catered to their specific interests, the better. 

Imagine you were throwing a party. You wouldn’t just buy one snack and call it a day. You’d probably buy a variety, so that your guests could choose what they like best. Plus, if you know the people you invited to your party well, you’d probably have a good idea of what kinds of snacks they enjoy most.

The same idea applies to the communications you send to your audience. Some people may be interested in one product, and others in another. So it’s best to personalize your messages based on whom you’re sending to and what you know about them. 

The Price Drop Trigger can help you:

  • Increase your sales. Hoping your customers will come back to your site to check on the price of a product isn’t realistic. Instead, the Price Drop Trigger will allow you to take a more proactive approach to sales. Don’t wait for customers to come to you—bring them in yourself with an enticing and relevant offer they won’t be able to resist.  
  • Save time through automation. Klaviyo’s Price Drop Trigger is pre-built and tracks price changes made to your product catalog to automatically create events that can trigger an email or SMS automation or flow. Once this event occurs, you can send messages only to your subscribers who have shown interest in those products and who would find your sale appealing.
  • Customize your messages to improve your customers’ experience. You can build the email or text you send to your subscribers via the Price Drop trigger automation to your exact specifications.It can contain an image of the product, the product name, the price before and after the change, and a link to your site—so your subscribers can easily navigate back to your product page and make their purchase.

Besides the message content, you can configure the audience, price drop threshold, and the send time of the message to make sure the right customers receive their price drop notification at the most opportune time.

Personalization that can grow with you

As your business grows and your customer base becomes more far-reaching, you may worry about your ability to continue to deliver personalized content that resonates with your audience. 

With the Price Drop Trigger and other pre-built automations in Klaviyo, you won’t have to sacrifice personalization for growth. 

Instead, this feature (and others like it) will help you gather all your customer data and construct memorable experiences that will awe your audience—encouraging them to buy from your brand and putting you in the driver’s seat of owning your relationships.

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