Ready, Set, Grow: How brands are using owned marketing strategies to create community, content, and connection with customers [Highlights from Season 2]

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On the second season of Ready, Set, Grow, I sat down with marketing leaders and founders at some of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands to learn about the marketing strategies they’re using to scale their brands and ultimately own their marketing.

For those just tuning in, let’s take a look back at a few of the lessons we learned over the past season.

1. Connect with your audience to fuel customer retention

When CurlMix started its now popular “Wash + Go Wednesdays,” it began as a simple idea to do a live stream with Kim Lewis, CurlMix’s founder, using the product line. Now, every Wednesday, Kim styles a wash + go in front of a live streaming audience and the event functions essentially as a mini-campaign powered by email, giveaways, and, of course, some great prizes.

For the CurMix team, it’s a great opportunity to connect with their community, answer any questions shoppers have and connect with those who are already fans of the brand.

Watch CurlMix’s full episode.

2. Take a content-first approach to stand out

Entirely boot-strapped from the start, Beardbrand knew early on that content marketing was a way they could stand out among so many other grooming brands. When the business started, its team had more time than money so they invested in using social media to grow organic traffic to their website.

Today, Beardbrand has thousands of videos on YouTube that the brand also promotes through email and social media. For more on the tactics Beardbrand uses to think about scaling a content engine, watch the entire video.

Watch Beardbrand’s full episode.

3. Use personalized content to build deeper connections with customers

Precision Hydration is a UK-based brand that works with athletes to personalize their hydration strategies. In a nutshell, every person sweats differently depending on their body and needs drinks of different strengths to help them rehydrate after an intense workout.

Precision Hydration shared how its team has built a custom sweat test to help their audience decide which of their products will be best for them based on how much they sweat. By providing these suggestions, Precision Hydration is able to provide relevant content and help turn browsers into buyers.

Watch Precision Hydration full episode.

Can’t get enough growth stories?

Season two of Beyond Black Friday is set to premiere this fall and Ready, Set, Grow will be back with season three in early 2020. In the meantime, you can catch up on all the growth strategies and advice from the first seasons of Beyond Black Friday and Ready, Set, Grow.

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