MVMT Watches Doubles Email Revenue and Increases Engagement

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Email is an essential marketing tool for ecommerce stores of all shapes and sizes. Despite the abundance marketing options out there, email continues to rank among the most effective channels for acquiring and retaining customers. It takes innovative strategy, management, and technology to create an effective email ecosystem.

But just how integral is email to online success? Even a hot startup like MVMT Watches, with crowdfunding and social media in its DNA, relies heavily on email to engage shoppers and drive sales. Using Klaviyo as their Email Service Provider (ESP) and Email Aptitude as their full-service email management agency, MVMT was able to communicate on a whole new level with followers, stay in touch with existing customers, and drive sales through innovative, tailored promotions. This, in turn, helped ensure a seamless experience for contacts at all stages in their buying lifecycle.Consistency and Cadence: Keys to Email Growth and SuccessMVMT was using Klaviyo as their ESP when they brought in the experts at Email Aptitude to establish a consistent sending cadence and flesh out an editorial calendar that showcased engaging content. Email Aptitude optimized their email design, highlighting calls to action and clarifying the focus of each campaign. Another important component of their strategy was managing their Klaviyo account to ensure that MVMT was taking advantage of all of their best practices.

MVMT saw email performance improve immediately. Within the first three months of using Klaviyo and Email Aptitude, they saw email conversion rates grow by 55% and email-generated sales more than doubled.Hitting a Holiday Home RunMVMT relies on strong sales during the holiday season to drive a large percentage of their annual revenue. Thanks to white-glove management from Email Aptitude, MVMT achieved significant holiday gains in 2015. Their revenue soared by a whopping 262% for seven-figure growth. Furthermore, Klaviyo’s reliability allowed MVMT to feel at ease during the peak season.

The season’s success began with a strong opening salvo. By analyzing MVMT’s past campaigns and performance for the crucial Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, Email Aptitude strategists pinpointed an opportunity to set the stage early for a successful campaign.

First, they introduced a flash sale the weekend before Black Friday to drive engagement and interactions with the brand, setting the stage for the main event. Then, they combined extensive testing on emails leading up to the day before Thanksgiving with additional triggers based on engagement.

By starting to send compelling email content with dynamic countdown clocks to foster a sense of urgency earlier, they saw a significant Thanksgiving weekend sales jump. Click through rates grew by 30%, powering 192% revenue gains for the weekend.Tailored Messaging Drives Engagement and SalesWith the basics of a consistent calendar established, Klaviyo and Email Aptitude helped MVMT take the next step toward email sophistication: segmentation and one-to-one personalization strategies. Cadence and content are tailored to recipients’ preferences, which means that each shopper receives relevant emails at the right time.

Utilizing Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation and targeting technology, Email Aptitude was able to make improvements to MVMT’s welcome series. Email Aptitude improved the emails’ design and content to focus on calls to action and to align the messaging with the brand’s overall mission and current promotions.

Open rates are now over 50%, which is 30% increase from their starting point. Even better, conversions jumped 45%. For the series overall, the click-to-open rate grew by 61.7%, signaling a marked increase in sustained engagement.

“We’re able to seamlessly integrate what resonates with our social community into email campaigns and create an engaging brand story that drives results,” said Blake Pinsker, Director of Marketing at MVMT.Overall Success Highlights

  • Within the first three months of using Klaviyo and Email Aptitude, MVMT saw a revenue growth of 105%
  • Adjusted calendar strategy and optimized email content from Email Aptitude along with Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation helped to increase engagement 30% and revenue 196% YoY over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday holiday kickoff weekend, leading to overall holiday revenue gains of 262%
  • Using Klaviyo’s flexible segmentation and targeting, and Email Aptitude’s strategies for an optimized welcome series, MVMT increased open rates by 30% and conversion rates by 45%

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