How CurlMix Uses Weekly Livestreams to Educate and Engage Customers

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CurlMix is a haircare line that specifically targets women with naturally curly hair. What started as a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit has transformed into a haircare line with four steps and a cult following of women who are just learning to let their curly hair down for the first time.

This week on Ready, Set, Grow, I sat down with Kim Lewis, founder of CurlMix and Alicia Ferguson, marketing director, to hear about how the brand is using a weekly livestream event to increase sales, scale relationships, and foster a community.

Creating a community for help

When Kim Lewis first set out to market her haircare line, she assumed that her buyer persona would be someone just like her—a curly-haired woman in her twenties.

But it turned out the majority of CurlMix’s customers were actually women over the age of 50. Kim chalks this up to the fact that wearing a natural hairstyle was something a younger generation embraced a few years back and that older women are now increasingly interested in going natural, as well.

But historically there hadn’t been a place (like a salon) for naturally curly-haired women to go to and learn about how to take care of and style their hair. This is why things lit up when CurlMix created a private Facebook group with customers.

While the initial aim of the group was to be able to moderate the conversations happening around the brand in a private community (like negative reviews), the brand was thrilled that the group ultimately became a place where women could come to help one and another find success with the products they had purchased.

Wash + Go Wednesdays

Inspired by a member of her Mastermind group, Kim decided to test out a live stream event after one of her employees helped to push her outside of her comfort zone.

And to say it was a hit would be an understatement.

Each Wednesday, Kim styles a wash and go in front of a live streaming audience and the event functions essentially as a mini-campaign powered by email, giveaways, and, of course, some great prizes.

To find out all about the details that go into this successful event, tune into this episode of Ready, Set, Grow.

Watch this episode of Ready, Set, Grow

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