Cast Your Vote: Which Brand’s Story Will Win $5k?


We asked. You answered. Earlier this summer, we kicked off something brand new: the Owned Growth Stories program. 

The question: how have you used your digital channels to own your brand’s growth and build something really special?

More than 175 brands across the country jumped at the chance to share their stories and for a chance to win the grand prize—a $5,000 no strings attached investment in their business, plus an all-expenses-paid trip to Klaviyo:BOS next week. 

It was truly inspiring to read all of the stories you shared about how you’ve built your own businesses, how you’re serving the needs of your customers, and how you’re taking charge of your own destiny. 

Each story we read was better than the next, but only five finalists could emerge and decisions had to be made. 

The Klaviyo team treated this process with the utmost care and narrowed down the submissions to a select group of five brands. 

We carefully chose finalists based on who clearly and concisely articulated their brand’s growth story, how persuasive and effective they were at communicating that story, and how clearly they envisioned using the prize money to grow their business. 

Now, it’s your turn to choose the winner! 

Each finalist has filmed a professionally-produced video in which they tell their story and how they’d grow their business if they win.

Only one brand can win the $5,000 grand prize, so which one will it be? Here’s a look at the five finalists:  



The Bali Market: How does someone come to appreciate minimalism? Leading a family a four through two cross-country moves over the span of a year, according to The Bali Market’s founder Grace Druecke. During this time, Grace’s love for Turkish towels began. They pack easily and can be used for many different things. The Bali Market emerged thanks to Grace’s vision of combining her minimalistic nature with the versatility of these towels.




Eat Your Coffee:  After consistently running late to their 8:00 a.m. classes, coffee-deprived college students Johnny Fayard and his friends realized they needed a better way to get a quick energy boost in the morning. Not fans of energy drinks or other quick energy pick-me-ups, Johnny and his friends joked about eating coffee since they loved it so much. Those jokes quickly became reality when Johnny set out on a mission to energize people with a bar made of all-natural ingredients and caffeine. 




Norman Love Confections: With more than 15 years of experience as a pastry chef for The Ritz-Carlton and having traveled around the world for more than 45 weeks a year managing pastry productions, Norman Love realized he needed a lifestyle change. He wanted to spend more time at home with his family. Norman took what he learned from his extensive career as a globe-trotting pastry chef and built his own business in which he creates beautiful and delicious batches of handmade chocolates. 




Swoon: Jennifer Ross was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child. She constantly looked for products that were naturally healthy and didn’t raise her blood sugar. Because of this personal need, Jenn and Cristina Ros Blankfien founded Swoon, a zero sugar simple syrup that gets its flavor from monk fruit. You can put the syrup into everything from coffee and tea to cocktails and lemonade. It’s an ideal substitute for sugar. 




Terraslate: Kyle Ewing began Terraslate with a mission: reduce the amount of paper waste and trash created by industries like education, restaurants, and retail. Terraslate creates waterproof and rip-proof paper so companies like restaurants, for example, can print one set of menus to use time and again without having to re-print them and create unnecessary waste every day. 


Along with having the chance to win the grand prize, each finalist receives an all-expenses-paid trip to Klaviyo:BOS. Keep an eye out for some familiar faces and catch up with this remarkable brands in person if you’re joining us in Boston next week. 

In the meantime, voting is now open through October 15th. Get comfy, grab some popcorn, watch the finalists share their stories, and cast your vote for the brand you think should win the $5,000 grand prize! 



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