Klaviyo Launches Abandoned Carts Features for Ecommerce Stores

abandoned carts

We’re excited to announce the release of new features in Klaviyo that help eCommerce stores send automated and personalized messages to the estimated 50% of customers who abandon carts before a purchase is completed.

Because Klaviyo can be easily integrated with your shopping cart systems (whether Magento, Shopify, a system you’ve built internally or anything else you’re using), you can have abandoned cart emails up and running in no time.

In short, if you aren’t doing this, you’re wasting money. Literally wasting it. Why would you do that?   Here’s how it works:

Integrate your Data

If you’re new to Klaviyo, you can either use our very straightforward integrations with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and other shopping carts, or you can take advantage of our easy API.


Create an Autoresponder

The second step is to create an autoresponder off of the event that indicates someone has either added something to the cart and/or started to checkout.

Added to Cart - creating autoresponderAt this point, you’ve specified that you want to send emails to users who add items to their cart – the next step is also specifying that they haven’t purchased.  You can use these conditions to specify any other condition too (for example, customers who have received an abandoned cart email before).

Added to cart - excluding people who bought

Create an Email Template

The next step is creating the email template. You can use our drag and drop email template creator and preview tools to create a beautiful email, while personalizing content with product images and descriptions.

abandoned cart template

Schedule the Autoresponder

Once you’ve inserted the email template, just specify when you want the abandoned cart email to go out. In the example below, the abandoned cart will be sent out two hours after the item was initially added to the cart – assuming that the customer hasn’t purchased in the meantime.

Added to Cart Auroresponder - setting deliveryOnce it’s setup, you just flip the on switch, and it’ll start running.

Added to Cart - turn on autoresponder

Track the Results

We’re big believers in understanding the value of your emails. For your abandoned carts (and every email sent through Klaviyo), we’ll show you who opened, who purchased, who came back to your website, etc.

Abandoned Cart - Result

Interested in learning more about creating and optimizing abandoned cart automations? Check out these shopping cart abandonment resources.

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