Data-Driven Email Marketing for Jewelry & Accessory Retailers

This post is a part of an ongoing series on the best practices for ecommerce email marketing by industry.

Want to know the secrets of the top performing jewelry & accessory retailers? It’s simple—they have at least one segmented flow as a part of their email marketing strategy. Or they have a robust abandoned cart; complete with customer testimonials, support information, and discounts.

It turns out finding success is pretty straightforward when you follow the data.

When we look at top performers, the most successful segmentation divides a welcome series by the way in which people subscribed. Other flows were split by product and category.

A little sophistication goes a long way

Reviewing the data we find that, on average, the top performers are sending 900% more flow emails than the other three quartiles combined.

What does that mean?

Stores that have built out their automated flow emails are winning.

Let’s take a look at the sending strategy (and emails) of two top performing abandoned cart flows in the jewelry & accessories industry.

MiaDonna converts cart abandoners with testimonials, support, and a discount

For the “world’s most ethical & affordable diamond engagement rings” retailer, MiaDonna, re-engaging cart abandoners with a cheeky and personalized two-touch flow has worked wonders.

MiaDonna not only has a multi-touch abandoned cart email, they include a few helpful nudges to turn shoppers into buyers.

Email 1 goes out one hour after the cart has been abandoned and has a clear call to action.

The second email in the flow goes out twenty-four hours after a cart has been abandoned. It offers a dynamic coupon code for 5% off, a testimonial, and lastly an image of the items that have been abandoned.

In an effort to optimize their flows, MiaDonna is also running an A/B test on their subject lines for each touch.

Email # Send time Subject line A/B test
Email #1 1 hour Forgot something, {{first name}} vs. Left something behind?
Email #2 24 hours Still thinking it over, {{first name}} vs. Need a little nudge, {{first name}}?

Email 1

Email 2

Of the two emails, the first is performing higher in regards to revenue, open rate, and click rate. That’s great because they only have to extend the 5% discount to those who haven’t yet converted.

Original Grain Watches segments by home team

Premier maker of wood & steel watches, Original Grain, segments their abandoned carts by MLB/licensed products.

While they were already having success with their abandoned carts, Founder Andrew Beltran knew he could do more.

“Our brand saw instant success with our abandoned cart flows. After following many How-To guides from Klaviyo, we felt we could up-the-ante by making our abandoned cart flows more dynamic.
Instead of just pulling in an ecommerce shot of the watch abandoned, we include full lifestyle shots, write shots & GIF files that preview the customer’s watch. We saw an increase of revenue when we went this direction.”

But for their MLB/licensed products, Andrew’s team knew they needed to make some changes based on customer data.

“For the first time we took a product base that was around $150-$300, to selling collections over $1400-$1800. This customer base reacts differently to how they purchase. They’re more about the content and the story behind the collection rather than a ‘deal’ or promotion. We needed to tell the story better, offer financing, create the exclusive value that wouldn’t be around forever. By offering dynamic offerings/content for each collection we have provided good return throughout our flows.”

Let’s take a look at the abandoned cart flow they have for items that contain Wrigley Field.

Email # Send time Subject line
Email #1 24 hour Wrigley Field™ Chrono – 108 Years of History
Email #2 72 hours Own a piece of Cubs History – Save 10%
Email #3 120 hours  The Wrigley Field Chrono – Last chance to save

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

As for the performance of this flow, each email is winning in different aspects. For open rate, it’s email #2 (likely because of that discount teased in the subject line). Email #1 wins for best click rate. And email #3 sees the highest conversion and revenue of the flow.

Improve your flows

If you’re looking to improve your flows with segmentation and robust abandoned carts, here are a few resources we recommend:

  1. Ecommerce Industry Benchmark Report: Abandoned Carts
  2. How segmentation and automation drive email marketing success

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