How Solo Stove Personalizes Its Email Marketing Communications

Quickly growing brands often find themselves needing a better way to communicate with their mass of customers in a one-to-one way.

Solo Stove, a Dallas-Fort Worth-based leader of portable stainless steel wood-burning stoves and fire pits, is an example of a company that faced this common challenge.

Growing its revenue each year since it started, Solo Stove serves its customers through an online store and through several retailers’ online and brick-and-mortar stores across the country.

This rapidly growing brand wanted to make smarter, timely, and more personalized marketing decisions, so its email team needed to find a way to more effectively communicate with its customers directly. What’s more, its team needed an easy way to create and deliver the types of email marketing experiences customers would enjoy—and they needed to do this at scale.

John Merris, CEO of Solo Stove, spoke about why the brand sought a new marketing automation platform, why it selected Klaviyo, and how Klaviyo has helped Solo Stove solve these particular challenges.



In my conversation with John, he shared a few things about Klaviyo that stood out to him in particular: how easy the integration process was, how robust the product features are, and the impact it’s had on Solo Stove’s email marketing strategy.

Why Solo Stove says integrating its direct ecommerce platform with Klaviyo was easy

Solo Stove runs its ecommerce store on the BigCommerce platform and wanted a marketing automation platform that would integrate quickly and easily.


"We took a look [at Klaviyo] and found it to be really easy to use and saw the integration with BigCommerce would be quick… it took less than an hour."

John Merris, CEO, Solo Stove

Behind the scenes, the seamless fit and quick integration was a result of the strong partnership BigCommerce and Klaviyo have developed.

“By using our robust webhooks and APIs, we’ve built a native integration that allows BigCommerce stores to sync all of their data into Klaviyo with a simple and secure authorization. This allows our mutual customers to use all of their store data, including both historical and real-time,” said MaryAnn Bekkedahl, senior vice president of business development at BigCommerce.

Why Solo Stove sought a marketing automation platform with robust features

Once Solo Stove’s email marketing team was up and running on Klaviyo, John said they used Klaviyo’s real-time data sync to build relationships with customers.

"Our brand’s had an amazing evolution. We feel a strong loyalty to our customers and Klaviyo helps us build even stronger relationships with them."

John Merris, CEO, Solo Stove

One way Solo Stove builds strong relationships with its customers is by being mindful of their time and interests, and by only sending them messages that are hyper-personalized and relevant for their needs.

“We’re kicking off a new initiative in a few weeks. Once someone places an order, we can immediately see that data at the sku-level, so we’ll be able to send a quick cross-sell email. For example, if someone orders a fire pit and gets the order confirmation email, they should then receive another email with a cross-sell. It would say something like, ‘Thanks for purchasing this fire pit. Here are some items other customers are buying together. Would you want to quickly purchase this bundle before your other items ship?’ Klaviyo gives us a level of speed and granularity we’ve never had before so we can have those types of conversations with our customers,” said John.

How Solo Stove views the impact of its email marketing strategies

After a quick integration, John says Solo Stove was immediately impressed with how Klaviyo helped the brand drive its email marketing performance.

By collecting various data points about its customers through website pop-up forms, onsite browsing activity, and purchase history, Solo Stove’s email marketing team has been able to use segmentation and personalization strategies to develop a variety of creative email campaigns and triggers that engage their customers on a deeper level.

"Since we started with Klaviyo, our email open rates have increased 25 percent, our revenue per recipient has increased three and a half times, our campaign email clickthrough rates have increased 50 percent, and our flow email clickthrough rates have increased 30 percent. All of our metrics are up thanks to Klaviyo. It’s one of the most important tools for our business."

John Merris, CEO, Solo Stove

As a rapidly growing brand, Solo Stove sought a new marketing automation platform that would help it more effectively communicate and stay in touch with its customers, provide value to them, and continue to build stronger relationships.

“We can use Klaviyo to stay in touch with our customers to let them know how important they are to us. We can give them valuable information and content at the right time to keep them engaged. Klaviyo lets us communicate at a more personal level with our customers so we speak to them as individuals versus communicating with the masses. There’s so much potential with Klaviyo and we have a long way to grow with it, too,” said John.

While John says factors like the quick integration process, robust product features, and the high impact of their marketing strategies are what stand out the most, he adds that Solo Stove primarily chose Klaviyo because of its ability to scale with Solo Stove as the brand continues to grow and increase segmentation and personalization directly with customers to keep building relationships like those formed around a campfire.

Learn more about how Solo Stove uses Klaviyo to grow its business.

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