How Klaviyo Helped Brands Prepare Their 2019 Holiday Marketing Strategies—In Person [Part 4]

You did it. You survived Cyber Weekend 2019. Nice work!

We feel you. Our team came together and worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth Cyber Weekend that, ultimately, generated 2% of all online sales around the globe. Truly an epic weekend.

As we’ve discussed in parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series, this time of the year can be a TON to handle. With so much riding on Cyber Weekend sales,  brands of all sizes know how overwhelming the holiday shopping season can be. We wanted to remove that stress and spread a little marketing cheer.

Enter the debut of Project Elf —Klaviyo’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday customer success task force. From coast to coast we sent our amazing customer success team around the country to meet with a handful of the amazing brands that comprise our customer community.

This week our very own Julian and Allie are heading to the west coast to meet with the sneaker experts at K-Swiss, in LA. On the agenda: solidifying the brand’s holiday planning, reviewing their 2020 goals, and providing onsite Klaviyo training.

One unique aspect of K-Swiss is the brand’s heavy focus on product licensing. From Gary Vee to Batman to even Breaking Bad they launch numerous brand collaborations throughout the year—often within a very tight timeframe. These joint partnerships help K-Swiss market products directly to highly engaged consumer groups, each with their own distinct fanbase. And with our powerful segmentation tools, K-Swiss can engage with these groups more than ever.

K-Swiss has a highly engaged, thriving customer community. To help maximize this engagement during Cyber Weekend, our team shared high-impact marketing strategies. For example, how to leverage Flows in every stage of their customer lifecycle through a gap analysis and building a loyal customer base by leveraging segmentation and customer rewards.

Additionally, Julian and Allie spent time ensuring a smooth, painless migration to Klaviyo. We know how intimidating switching platforms can be—especially during such a big sales season— so it was important to us that the brand felt supported at every step in the process from Julian helping to onboard through Allie managing K-Swiss’s long term success with Klaviyo.

In the end, Project Elf had an awesome experience meeting the K-Swiss team and helping them optimize their Cyber Weekend and 2020 marketing strategy.

Here’s what our friends at K-Swiss had to say about the experience:

“Klaviyo not only offers a great platform with many incredible services but also actively makes sure that we are on track with our goals, especially right before the major holidays too!”

“…the fact they are taking the time out of their busy week for us is truly a blessing.”

"The onboarding process has been phenomenal, Julian has been incredibly helpful and extremely patient with our team. Our team has many questions and issues, some are also in Europe and Julian is super quick to reply to their emails which is also amazing. Julian has done more for our team in the past month than our previous ESP has done for us in several years! "

Marcellus Wu - Ecommerce Coordinator

We love meeting the people behind the brands in our customer community and the difference they make every single day. Here’s to everyone at K-Swiss and our community for a great finish to the 2019 Holiday season.

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