How Doggyloot Fetches its Abandoned Carts with Klaviyo (and Makes >$50 for Every $1 Spent)


One of the customers we’re especially proud to work with is doggyloot, a curated pet ecommerce site that’s the largest online destination for dog product discovery.  Over the last month, doggyloot has started using Klaviyo to bring back customers who have Abandoned Shopping Carts – recapturing over 12% of lost customers and and more than $50 of revenue for every $1 invested.

doggyloot’s mission is to help dog owners spoil their dog by making it easy for them to discover new dog chews, dog toys, dog treats and more at discounted prices. As with all ecommerce stores, life sometimes gets in the way before a customer completes a purchase, and a couple hundred dog lovers abandon their shopping carts each day.

doggyloot product feature

The Abandoned Cart Campaign

Using Klaviyo, doggyloot designed an abandoned cart campaign to reach back out to customers one hour after they began checkout if they hadn’t yet completed it.

For the email itself, doggyloot set out with a few key goals:

  • Highlight the products in the abandoned cart
  • Give customers an easy link back to their cart
  • Encourage follow-on purchases

Using Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop template creator (and building off the abandoned-cart templates that come pre-built in Klaviyo), doggyloot worked with Klaviyo to create this personalized email:

doggyloot's abandoned cart email

For any store thinking about setting up an abandoned cart campaign, it’s worth noting a few things doggyloot’s email does really well:

  • Direct and visible call to action in the form of the “Restore My Cart” button
  • Clear branding that mimics the look and feel of the doggyloot site
  • Links to other sections of the site that don’t overwhelm the core message, but do encourage customers to add more products to their shopping carts.
  • Personalization that shows big images of the products in the cart and a direct reminder of how much the customer is going to save on it.

Because the email was created using Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop template creator, each section can easily be modified without the need to change any code. Sections can be reused in different emails, changed to conduct experiments, moved around, etc:

Header image of abandoned cart email for doggy loot

After the email was created, Klaviyo’s Autoresponder made it easy to specify exactly who would receive abandoned cart emails (for example, doggyloot is excluding anyone who has purchased in the last day or who has continued to modify their cart), to schedule when the email would be sent, and to choose the sender.

Klaviyo Autoresponder headings

Once the email was created, Klaviyo’s “Test” mode let doggyloot see who would get emails, what they would look like and confirm that everything was ready to go.

Klaviyo and doggyloot autoresponder

The Email Engagement and Results

Since doggyloot’s abandoned cart campaign has gone live, they’ve sent thousands of abandoned cart emails and seen remarkable customer engagement:

  • 41% of email recipients opened the email
  • 14% of recipients clicked through the emails
    • Of those who clicked, many clicked multiple times – indicating they were re-engaging with the email repeatedly
    • Notably, 10% of clicks actually went back to other sections of the site to browse other products.

While these email engagement numbers are fantastic, at the end of the day it’s the customers’ purchases and site visits that ultimately matter – and in this case, the metrics that were particularly remarkable.

doggyloot's abandoned cart results

Impressively, nearly 18% of cart abandoners returned to the doggyloot website within a few days of getting the email and 12% of customers completed their purchases – resulting in significantly greater than a 40X return on investment and a significant revenue impact.

The surprising bonus impact was that customers weren’t just coming back to complete their purchase – nearly 12% of customers returned to doggyloot to add more products to their shopping carts.

A few Abandoned Cart Takeaways

doggyloot’s abandoned-cart emails show us two important lessons for ecommerce stores:

  • Abandoned carts are about more than what’s left in the cart. The 12% of customers who came back to doggyloot to add more products to their carts are a great reminder to leverage abandoned cart emails to highlight your other products and help push customers over the line to buy.
  • Great-looking abandoned cart emails can drive high engagement and don’t have to take forever to create.
  • Abandoned-cart emails can generate substantial revenue impact. With the ROI of abandoned cart emails so high, they are a set of emails that every ecommerce retailer should be sending.

For minimal investment of time and money, abandoned cart emails can provide a massive impact on revenue. Get started for free with Klaviyo now and we’ll help you get everything set up and running and you’ll be seeing results before you know it.

Interested in learning more about creating and optimizing abandoned cart automations? Check out these shopping cart abandonment resources.

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