Turn Every Purchaser Into a Repeat Customer

Turn every purchaser into a repeat customer

Running short on time and low on repeat customers? Good news: we just rolled out a new feature designed to help you understand when a customer is about to buy again so you’ll be able to prompt them to do so. We pulled out the most important aspects of this feature so you can start using it and see more customers buy from you again!

Why are repeat customers important?

Obviously, customer acquisition is important, especially for a small business. As a small business owner myself, I know that once you acquire that customer, it wouldn’t be smart to just celebrate with cake and ice cream. I constantly think about how I can turn every single one of my purchasers into a regular customer. Fortunately, the process to make it happen just became inexpensive and automated. Now you can break out the cake and ice cream.  

Using your customers’ purchase history, Klaviyo will automatically calculate the date each customer is mostly likely to make their next purchase through the “Expected Date of Next Order.” Even for a customer that has only ordered once, we can predict when the customer is most likely to purchase again based on data from your other customers. To set the flow up, it‘s as easy as following the steps on this page.

But how do you actually use this feature?

Let’s look at an example. Nancy has an ecommerce business that sells dog leashes. She has an email list size of about 8,500 subscribers, and a few hundred of those subscribers are customers that purchased from her just once. It’s great that she has all those customers, but she’s struggled to engage with them in a way that drives repeat business. That means she’s not getting enough value from her existing customers, and as a result, she’s been spending too much time and money on new customer acquisition.

Nancy uses Klaviyo to set up groups of customers (known as segments) to send specific messages to. An example would be a segment of people who have purchased from her in the past 60 days. Setting up these segments takes a bit of time since Nancy is consistently tweaking her approach to drive sales among this group without seeing much return. This effort has forced Nancy away from other areas of the business which frequently forces her to fall behind in running the day-to-day of her business. To make matters worse, since her method was not consistent or scientific, she saw very few sales as a result of her efforts.

With the new “repeat purchase nurture flow” feature, she can set up a flow that helps to predict when a customer will next order based on historical data. This allows Nancy to automatically target those likely repeat  customers with a tailored message at the time they are most likely to order again. The result:

  • Nancy can increase her repeat sales with very little effort.
  • She can devote less of her budget to new customer acquisition, improving her profit margins.
  • She has more time!  Nancy now has a flow specifically designed (backed through data science) to win her more business among one-time purchasers and can focus on other areas of the business.  

“This feature is a direct result of us talking to customers who are strapped for time and resources, and who face these issues on a regular basis,” said Alex Bi, product lead for this feature in Klaviyo. “They let us know that they needed a better and more automated way to decide when to reach out to existing customers to build repeat business.”

No more repeat customer headaches  

So, what are you waiting for? Simply set the Repeat Purchase Nurture Flow live (which can be found within the Flow library) and start turning more one time purchasers into repeat customers! 

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