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At Frankies Bikinis, a Malibu born swimwear brand, they’ve implemented a demand-based strategy to fuel their super popular swimsuit collections. They build demand by hyping up product releases and therefore typically sell out within 24 hours of launch.

In the latest episode of Ready, Set, Grow, I got the skinny on some of the marketing strategies they are using to scale the brand.

How they handle Back-In-Stock

Swimsuits are often one of the most challenging purchases for a shopper to make for a variety of reasons and when they’ve found “the one” it can be disappointing when the style and color they want are sold out.

Then add into the equation a brand which is loved and adored by celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and Kylie Jenner, and you’ve got a recipe for a marketing challenge.

Given how popular Frankies Bikinis are, they’ve built out a back-in-stock flow with several touches (typically 3-5) so that shoppers don’t miss the opportunity to buy.

Often when Frankies restocks a collection, they’ll sell out again at a rapid pace. Which is why they’ve taken a more aggressive approach to their restock messages.

Segmenting their marketing messages

When it comes to reaching the right customers, swim can be tricky as it’s a seasonal business.

Because Frankies Bikinis sells globally, they often segment their email list by hemisphere, reaching out to those who live in parts of the world where it is warmer, while cooling down their outreach to those who are currently experiencing winter.

Another way Frankies segments is by email addresses that end in .edu. Brittney has created a particular segment for students many of whom travel to warmer locations during February during spring break and are in search of a new swimsuit.

How you can be like Frankies Bikinis

Now you’ve heard all about a few of Frankies Bikinis marketing strategies.

Feeling inspired?

You can get started with building a back-in-stock flow, building a location-based segment, and segmenting your list.

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