How Food & Beverage Brands are Owning Win-Back Emails

This is a part of an ongoing series on the best practices for ecommerce brands by industry.

Move over one-size-fits-all marketing advice.

If you run a food and beverage brand learning from umbrella marketing, advice that isn’t industry specific can really only get you so far. That’s why one of our marketing analytics pros recently decided to take a look at thousands of accounts to see what was working well for ecommerce stores by their respective industry.

The goal was to answer questions like, “Do some industries rely more on automated flows versus one-time campaigns?” and “Do all the top performers across all industries include the same type of content in the same automated flows?”

Armed with data backed industry findings, food and beverage marketers can prioritize their marketing efforts on tactics we know will increase revenue.

Let’s take a look at what we discovered and how three different companies in the food and beverage industry are finding success.

Win-backs for the win

Our analytics pro found that 76% of top performers have a win-back series (also known as replenishment or repeat customer) flow live. This kind of seems like a no brainer since food and beverage are consumables which people will use up and hopefully, purchase again.

But not all win-backs are created equally. While looking through the top accounts, we found a variety of trigger actions or segments used with win-backs beyond just ‘placed order’. They were:

  • Placed order flows segmented by product
  • By value
  • By type
  • Placed order flow segmented by # of purchases
  • Single vs Multiple

Below you’ll find three different examples of food and beverage brands using win-backs.

Replenishment win-backs with a discount

Steve’s PaleoGoods sends this product-specific win-back email with a 10% discount out sixty days after a customer makes a purchase. This email is likely successful because it’s timely, relevant to the recipient, and has a super clear call to action.

Additionally, they have built out win-backs for each group of products they sell (think different flavors for bars) that are triggered for eight weeks post-purchase.

Replenishment win-back without a discount

Sakara Life sends this product-specific email out to purchasers of their Beauty Chocolates twenty-seven days after placing an order. They filter out anyone from this flow who has purchased during this time period in order to stay relevant.

Currently, they have a number of these product specific replenishment emails setup as well as win-back emails for those who have not purchased in sixty and ninety days.

Post-purchase email by number of orders placed


Espresso machine and coffee maker company iDrink Coffee, sends a great post-purchase email that is segmented by the amount of time a customer purchases. The top email is for first time purchasers, while the second goes out to those who are repeat buyers.

I’m willing to bet you might be surprised that these two emails are among the top performing flow emails for food and beverage companies using Klaviyo. They don’t have a flashy call to action or even an image. Yet with this simple thank you and let us know how we can improve email, iDrink Coffee is seeing a good number of conversions. Proving sometimes it pays to simply be human. Instead of hard selling all the time, thank them for making a purchase

Improve your win-back emails

Crafting the perfect win-back and post purchase emails for your food and beverage company doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Be segmenting the types of emails you send, you’ll be able to send the most timely, relevant, and engaging messages to your list.

While it can be tempting to create any autoresponders series, set it and forget, A/B testing is the best way to improve it’s performance.

Here are four types of A/B tests you should explore when looking to optimize your flow win back flows:

  • Subject lines & preview text
  • The number of emails in a series
  • Content & layout
  • Send times

If you’re new to win-back emails or looking to improve your existing flow, here are a few resources to help improve.


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