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October 1, 2015
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The start of fall is a busy time for ecommerce stores.

And every day hundreds marketers use Klaviyo to create beautiful newsletter templates.

Here are three from the past week that we think are especially well crafted and why.

1. 2Modern

Like their furniture, 2Modern’s email design is sleek, minimalist, and contemporary. This simple layout incorporates an autumn theme without being too in-your-face about it. They include fall colors in the text, line breaks, and featured products, but still retain their signature cool, blue branding in the header and footer. The email is long, but packed with photos and links to make it engaging. 2Modern includes a call to action midway through, which both breaks up the scheme and offers a deal to entice recipients to buy. In fact, the email contains a total of four large calls to action, and the repeated “Save 15% now” link at the end of each product description reinforces the reason for the email.

2. Karmaloop

Karmaloop focuses less on a fall-themed layout and more on fall-themed products. Like 2Modern, they include their branding and quick links in the header and footer, and fill the email with images that redirect to their site. They have similar call to action buttons, too, that repeat the same “Shop Now” message. What’s especially great about Karmaloop’s email is that it anticipates its recipients’ needs. Cold-weather products are highlighted, reflecting the changing seasons and covering all the bases when it comes to fall fashion. They also include a GIF in their email. Using video elements in email is a clever, eye-catching way to display their reversible bomber jacket.

3. Blank Label

In this email, Blank Label concentrates all the important information at the top of the page, so you don’t even have to scroll to read that it’s about their fall collection. They later go into more depth, but still include a call to action button after each description, like 2Modern. The linear layout of the email and abundance of white space make these buttons stand out all the more. The photos all include the same tartan pattern, which makes it clear that this is Blank Label’s new design, while at the same time demonstrating its versatility. By the end of the email, they’ve shown you at least three ways to wear their new shirt.

Next week, we will look at three more emails, so feel free to nominate one of your own or one you liked!

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Marissa Petteruti
Marissa Petteruti
Marissa Petteruti is the manager of Klaviyo's Academy team. She leads the creation of content that helps customers learn how to get the most of out Klaviyo. Prior to joining Klaviyo's Academy team, Marissa was the first member of Klaviyo's marketing team. She joined the company shortly after graduating from Brown University. In her free time, you can find Marissa experimenting to find the world’s greatest penne alla vodka recipe.