Email Strategy Teardown: Zabar’s

I have spent $90 on yoga pants, and I don’t do yoga.  Let’s add that I’m a frugal shopper, so this wasn’t the norm either. At every touch-point there was a reminder of what this fitness brand represented and how they wanted to be perceived. I remembered them. They made a positive impact, and I’ll likely buy from them again. When people buy products from brands they know and like, they know what to expect. And, as John Rougeux says, because these brands meet that expectation every year, they have no trouble keeping loyal customers.

To learn how a top company is perceived digitally, I decided to explore the email strategy of a popular New York City foodie favorite — Zabar’s.

Why Zabar’s?

This Upper West Side favorite is beloved for its high quality food, fair prices, and excellent customer service. It’s a family-owned business that’s been around for 85 years, and was founded by Lillian and Louis Zabar. Today, it has expanded in size and added an extensive online component.

What I Did vs. What They Did

What I did

To find out if this company was doing everything that they could to provide consistent branding, I did just a little bit of detective work.

I subscribed to their email newsletters, added items to my cart and then abandoned it, and bought their cinnamon raisin bagels — which were delicious.


Here’s what I purchased


Zabar’s NY Original Toasting Bagels in cinnamon raisin made breakfast mornings complete.


What they did

I received a very informative welcome series email, promotions, recipes, and holiday gift ideas.

See the complete teardown

Learn more about the email strategy of Zabar’s in our complete email strategy teardown – including timeline and content previews.

Check Out the Email Strategy Teardown



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