Email Strategy Teardown: Rebecca Minkoff vs. MZ Wallace

Rebecca Minkoff vs MZ Wallace Teardown

Here’s a serious question for you: Would my bald grandpa like to learn about how to care for luscious locks? The answer is… probably not. Knowing your audience and giving them relevant content is absolutely critical if you want them to care, be interested, and take action.

To learn how top brands handle their audiences, we decided to explore the email content of two of our favorite luxury New York fashion companies, Rebecca Minkoff and MZ Wallace.

Why Rebecca Minkoff vs MZ Wallace?

Both companies are well-known and respected in the fashion world, and have a devoted customer following.

Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion brand founded by Rebecca Minkoff and known for its feminine, playful, and subtly edgy designs using leathers, studs, and hardware. It started as a handbag and accessories company and has now expanded into apparel and watches

MZ Wallace is an accessories company founded by Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice. It’s very well-known for its chic and functional hand bags that work for modern life.

What I Did vs. What They Did

What I did

To find out if these companies were doing everything that they could to provide relevant content, I did just a little bit of detective work.

I subscribed to their email newsletters, abandoned a cart, and made a purchase.

Their bags are drool-worthy, and I highly recommend browsing their sites if you’re looking for a gift or to treat yourself. You get a bag, and you get a bag, and you get a bag!

While I didn’t purchase these, here are two products that are on my wishlist:

Rebecca Minkoff Bag

Rebecca Minkoff’s Mini M.A.C Crossbody Bag offers a unique design that balances edgy hardware with utility – perfect for date night.

MZ Wallace Bag

MZ Wallace’s medium metro tote is best described as a functional luxury. It would be great for commuting to work.

What they did

There was a huge difference in the communications each company provided, but between the two of them I got a very informative set of welcome emails, promotions, abandoned cart messages, event invitations, and up-sell and cross-sell offers.

See the complete teardown

Learn more about the email strategies of Rebecca Minkoff and MZ Wallace in our complete email strategy teardown – including timeline and content comparisons – and see which company’s strategy came out on top.

Check Out the Email Strategy Teardown

Rebecca Minkoff vs. MZ Wallace

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