Email Strategy Teardown: Living Proof vs. Kérastase

Living Proof Kerastase Hair Care

The size of the hair care market is estimated to be about $90 billion U.S. dollars. That’s billion with a “b”. And it’s continuing to climb. By 2024, it’s expected to be $102.28 billion. This growing market caught our eye, so we decided to break down the email strategy of two top hair care brands: Living Proof and Kérastase.

Why Living Proof vs Kérastase?

They’re both established brands that are known for their hair care products, developed with a science-first mentality – just like Klaviyo’s features.

Living Proof is a hair care brand based in Cambridge, MA, not far from our own offices. Their award-winning products use science and patented technology to change the way they and their devoted customers approach hair care.

Kérastase is a hair care brand owned by L’Oreal. Their products are also scientific and innovative, and go through rigorous testing. According to their website, “Kérastase technology is distinguished by a unique formulation charter: prototype formulas with powerful active ingredients, high-tech molecular complexes and sensational textures.”

What I did vs. what they did

What I did

To find out if these brands were doing everything that they could to provide the best first impressions, I subscribed to their email newsletters, abandoned a cart, made a purchase, and signed up for an account.

Their hair care products have been touted by many, and I highly recommend trying them out if you’re looking for something new.

Here’s what I purchased:


Living Proof Hair Care

Living Proof’s fullness + volume mini transformation kit – the name says it all. Make your hair go from limp and flat to full and voluminous.

Kerastase Masque Hair care

Kérastase’s Resistance masque therapiste travel-size hair mask. Repair your weak, over-processed, and damaged hair.


What they did

There was a big difference in the communications each company provided. Between the two of them, I received a mix of subscription confirmations, account confirmations, promotions, surveys, holiday-inspired emails, and emails looking to up-sell and cross-sell.  Which was better?

See the complete teardown

Learn more about the email strategies of Living Proof and Kérastase in our complete email strategy teardown – including timeline and content comparisons – and see which company’s strategy won.

Check Out the Email Strategy Teardown:

Living Proof vs Kerastase

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