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Klaviyo’s email strategy teardown is an ongoing series where we take a look at the email strategy behind some of our favorite ecommerce stores. While there are many teardowns around, there aren’t many teardowns that show you how a customer (one that knows a thing or two about email marketing) experiences an ecommerce store’s entire email strategy.

During our first teardown, Phil tore down Society6’s email strategy. This time around we’ll be diving into the email strategy of

Why Fab?

Our office just moved into a huge new space (we now have room for over 100 people and even have beer on tap)! While we have furniture, we are in need of some additional decor to make the space look a bit more lived in and not so sterile. As an email nerd, this coincidence seemed like a great opportunity to dig into Fab’s email strategy and see how they’re executing.

What I did

For this teardown, I created two different accounts. From there, I took two separate sets of actions. I signed up, abandoned a cart, and purchased with the first account. Using the second account I signed up, browse abandoned, and didn’t purchase.

Then I looked at everything from the content and design of the emails to the strategy behind Fab’s emails, what they did well, and what they could improve on.

Exceptional marketing is built on treating users as individuals, catering to their preferences, and reacting to their different behavior. With two different accounts and sets of actions I was able to see just how Fab responds to two unique sets of behavior.

A little background on Fab

Fab is a design-focused ecommerce store that sells everything from home decor to tech accessories. They’ve been around since 2010 and have gone through many changes as a business.

Once valued at over a billion dollars, the business has taken a sharp turn in the other direction in the last few years. Fab built their empire on social commerce, flash sales, and venture funding.

Naturally, I wanted to see what their email marketing efforts look like today.

With that said, let’s dive into the teardown!




If you bypassed the slides, let me fill you in on what I covered.


The emails

I got a lot of awesome emails from Fab over the course of three weeks. Along with a few other members of the Klaviyo crew, I took a closer look at three different emails: a welcome email, an order confirmation, and a survey.

Being an ecommerce shop that sells modern, hip decor, I was not surprised to see that their welcome series mirrors that feeling! The email feels just like the website. Their order confirmation and survey email did veer from this aesthetic, leaving me with a mixed experience.  The survey was a plain text email — a smart move in all likelihood. While the order confirmation left something to be desired with a variety of font types and sizes and was pretty bland.

Overall, Fab has a solid welcome series, complete with three different touches over three weeks and dynamic product recommendations. The first welcome email was really long though. I suggested that they take the sections on making a registry and adding profile information into additional touches in their welcome series.

Two huge opportunities for Fab

While the three other emails I took a look at had room for improvement, I was frankly shocked that Fab didn’t have any abandon cart or browse abandonment emails in place. So shocked that I had to confirm this with another employee who also decided to subscribe to Fab and abandon a cart.

  1. Add an abandoned cart series

Adding a series of abandon cart emails would be a game changer for Fab. With over half of all shopping carts abandoned, a well timed series of abandon cart emails could create a huge increase in revenue. All of our top-performing customers are using abandon carts to increase sales. After looking at the data of the top performing abandon carts we found found several consistencies.

  • Send the first abandon cart email between 1 to 4 hours after the abandonment
  • If you’re going to send more than one email (which you should), send the second 24 hours later
  • Include an image of the product abandoned
  • Create a sense of urgency in your message
  • An incentive (like a discount or free shipping) is always a good idea
  • A/B test subject lines, copy, and offers. Just not all at the same time!
  1. Add a browse abandonment series

While Fab is already using dynamic recommendations in their welcome series, they could go a step further and set up a browse abandonment series to target users after they’ve left Fab.


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