Email Strategy Teardown: BedInABox


A few things are needed for a good night’s sleep: a dark room, the right temperature, and a comfortable bed. You can tell that last one is pretty important to consumers, because the online mattress space is a booming $1.7 billion dollars and growing. This unique space caught my eye, so I decided to explore the email strategy of one of the early online mattress market entrants — BedInABox

Why BedInABox?

Founded in 2006 and based in Johnson City, Tennessee, BedInABox is a pioneer in the rapidly growing online market for mattresses. In addition to mattresses, this family-run business also sells a vast portfolio of sleep essentials like pillows, sheets, and bed frames to name a few.

Being a family-run business also means they are a lot like some of our Klaviyo customers: big on ideas, but not necessarily big on staff to execute them. This is another reason why we wanted to see how they manage their email strategy, and what Klaviyo customers can learn from it.

What I Did vs. What They Did

What I did

To find out if this company was doing everything that they could to provide the most relevant and engaging emails, I did a little bit of detective work, including subscribing to their newsletters, abandoning a shopping cart full of goods, and buying a very plush pillow.


Here’s what I purchased



BedInABox’s THE PLUSH – a luxury down alternative pillow that gave me a great night’s sleep.


What they did

I received a subscription confirmation email, abandoned cart emails, post-purchase shipping and order confirmation emails, and product emails.

See the complete teardown

Interested in learning more about the email strategy of BedInABox? View our complete email strategy teardown – including timeline and content previews.

Check Out the Email Strategy Teardown



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