Add Enticing Preview Text to Every Email

Add Enticing Preview Text To Every Email

This holiday season, your subscribers’ inboxes are going to be flooded with emails. How are you planning to stand out? You’ve probably spent more time crafting your subject lines than you’d like to admit, but what about your preview text? Great preview text can really drive opens, but it’s often just an afterthought.

To help your emails shine in the busiest of inboxes, we’re excited to announce a new easier way to add great looking preview text to your messages.

Every email deserves great preview text

We’ve mentioned preview text multiple times on the Klaviyo blog before, but for a refresher: Preview text, also called preheader text, is the text that follows the subject line when a recipient sees their inbox.

Preview text is an important tool for enticing email opens, because it can be used with great subject lines for a one-two punch incentive to open the email. However, many senders overlook this important tool, and let the inbox use the first text in the email as the preview text. In the all too common example below, the “View in Your Browser” link at the top of the email is the first text in the email, so it gets pulled in as the preview text.

Now, it’s easier than ever to get this email best practice exactly right, because whenever you add your email subject line in Klaviyo, you’ll also be able to input your preview text.

This way, you can think about the subject line and preview together, just like your recipients will read them together! The text you input here will not be visible in the email, so you won’t need to worry about styling preview text on top of your email template.

To make the preview text look great, we’ll add a spacer to the end of your preview text. This makes sure that the text at the top of your email, like that pesky “View in Your Browser” link, won’t interrupt your great subject+preview combo.

If you already have preview text inside your Klaviyo emails, that text will still be used as the preview text until you use this new feature. If you do use this new preview text feature, the existing text in the template will still be visible in the email body. Check out the full documentation here.

Preview Text Inspiration

Looking for ideas how you can better use preview text? Check out these 3 quick tips:

  • Consider using preview text as a continuation of the subject line, so that you use the two components in the inbox to tell a single story of the email.
    Forgot something? – Don’t worry we saved it for you!
  • Emojis are still a relatively uncommon part of subject lines. Add some flair to your subject & preheader text with emojis.
    Cashmere Argyle Is Back! – ❄️ Winter is coming… ❄️
  • Last year, we found that personalizing your subject line boosted Abandon Cart open rates to 42%. You can do the same with your preview text to stand out.
    It’s been a while… – Come back to hang out, Sean!

Let us know what you think in the comments! Send any other feedback and ideas to with the subject “I have an idea!” and we’ll be in touch!

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