13 Reasons to Begin Email Marketing Personalization


Email marketing statistics don’t lie: The time for personalized email marketing is now.

The days of bulk mass messaging are far behind us. Email marketing automation tools and access to customer data, are prime reasons why you should take advantage of being more personal in your messaging.

70% of millennials do not appreciate brands sending irrelevant emails.

Key email marketing statistics all continue to suggest that personalization is worth your time and adopting marketing automation tactics may actually make your customer retention and acquisition rates increase.

1. Personalized subject lines deliver 26% higher unique open rates

Source: [Experian]

Whether you use the customer’s name, target them with a recent action they took (like abandoning their cart), or simply direct your message to the correct gender, personalizing your emails doesn’t have to take a lot of resources and it goes a long way. Half the battle is getting subscribers to open.

2. 60% of abandoned cart emails generate revenue and most of that revenue occurs in the first 24 hours of the email being sent

Source: [Salesforce’s Exact Target]

Use the data you have by initiating abandoned cart emails. Online shoppers are multitasking so by missing the opportunity to send a reminder, you’re losing out on a lot of revenue. Follow up with your customers and do it within a few hours to salvage that lost sale. You’ll thank us for it.

3. Personalized emails improve click-through rate by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%

Source: [Aberdeen]

Get more eyes in front of your emails and offers by including more personalization. While click-through rate may not always be your most important metric to track, conversions certainly are and we all know that you can’t convert customers who don’t ever get to your offer.

4. 61% of consumers prefer offers even if this results in less privacy

Source: [Monetate]

Privacy is a definite concern for customers and marketers alike, but if you don’t abuse the information you gather from your visitors, you can offer a better experience for everyone. Use offers and deals to your advantage, but be mindful not to bombard customers too frequently.

5. 94% of companies say personalization is critical to their success

Source: [Econsultancy/Monetate]

Amidst marketers, there’s no question personalization is important for success. Still, so many brands aren’t taking advantage of it. Now more than ever is your chance to take the lead, even if you’re only taking small steps.

6. 74% of consumers get frustrated when they receive or see content that has nothing to do with their interests

Source: [Janrain and Harris Interactive]

Some marketers claim they don’t want to irritate the customer by using too much of their data. While this is a valid concern, statistics show that you’re angering them even more if you continue delivering irrelevant messaging. Target your outreach, but don’t go overboard. Sprinkle in a healthy balance of personalized messaging and more generalized offers.

7. 54% of retailers that used automated product recommendations increased their average order value year over year

Source: [Forrester Research/Shop.org]

Who says personalization has to be manual? Get your hands on a platform that allows you to deliver automated recommendations based on user behavior. Not only will this decrease your time spent on email, but it will also increase purchasing.

8. Adding personalization experience to shopping could lift sales by 7.8%

Source: [O2 – The Rise of Me-Tail]

There’s no need to spend countless hours or dollars on a marketing campaign or sale when simple personalization could give you a noticeable lift.

9. 80% of marketers define dynamic personalization in emails as highly important

Source: [Adobe and DMA]

Most marketers agree that personalizing your email tracks is key. Invest in an email tool that allows for segmentation and put in the time and effort to target your customers at a more individualized level – even if you can only manage a few different nurture tracks. Some personalization is always better than none at all.

10. Personalized promotional emails see transaction rates and revenue per email more than 6x higher than messages of the non-personalized variety

Source: [Experian]

Not all promotional emails are treated equally. Just because you have a great deal, consumers are almost numb to discounts and percent-off emails. In addition to offering a discount, be sure you’re also personalizing the products you’re sending. For example, send a dedicated email with similar items to each customers’ latest purchase.

11. 77% of consumers are likely to make additional purchases if an option that matches their preferences is presented to them in a personalized email from a merchant or retailer

Source: [Listrak]

As I said in #10, leveraging a customer’s latest purchase is one of the quickest ways to making them a repeat buyer. Once they hit checkout, you have valuable information about what that customer’s interests are so use it!

12. 45% of online shoppers are more likely to shop on a site that offers personalized recommendations

Source: [Invesp]

Take on a more unified approach to personalization by delivering personalized products not just through email but across your site as well.

13. 59% of online shoppers believe that it’s easier to find more interesting products on personalized online retail stores

Source: [Invesp]

Your job as a retailer is to make the customer’s job in finding what they’re looking for easier. By using the data you have, you’re also boosting your customer service and what’s better than that?

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the ways you can market to your customers. That said, these numbers and stats prove consumers expect and appreciate personalization. So, for your next campaign, take the right steps to segment, target and build a stronger connection with your audience.

How are you personalizing your email marketing? Share your efforts in the comments below.

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