The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing Segmentation

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In our recent ecommerce industry benchmark report, we shared our findings from analyzing a thousand companies and the results from over a billion emails. One of the key takeaways: segmentation is the name of the game.

Sending tailored messages to targeted segments — instead of sending one-size-fits-all messages to all of your subscribers — is a recipe for success. Better open rates, better click-through rates, and higher revenue per recipient are just the beginning. You’ll also see long-term benefits as a sender as well.

But if you’re new to segmentation, where should you begin? We combed through the Klaviyo archives to bring you the ultimate comprehensive list of useful segmentation resources. If all you do is read through the rest of this post, you’ll emerge with a new perspective of segmentation that will put you ahead of many of your marketing peers.

And if you click through to the articles and start applying their recommendations to your own email marketing? You won’t just know more. You’ll get results.

7 Ways to Think Like a Targeted Email Marketing Expert

If you’re going to start thinking like a segmentation pro, it helps to have a role model. That’s why we sat down with Brianna Hernandez, a Product Expert here on Klaviyo’s Support Team. Learn how to see what Brianna sees when she looks at a company’s email list: immense potential for segmentation.

Right off the bat, she’s got a suggestion that might sound counterintuitive: just because you have someone’s email address doesn’t mean you should email them. Find out why she’s seen this strategy and others succeed for Klaviyo customers — and why you might want to put them to work too.
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How to Segment Your Newsletter Based on Frequency

When readers subscribe to the Klaviyo blog, we offer an array of subscription options ranging from “instant” (as soon as a post is published) to a weekly digest with articles and resources. We offer these options to make sure that everyone can choose the frequency that’s right for them. In this post, you’ll see how to make use of segmentation to set up frequency options for your own newsletter subscribers.
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How to Use Data for More Effective Email Campaigns

When you want to know more about your subscribers, why not ask them directly when they sign up for your list? See real-life examples that illustrate how companies can ask subscribers for information about themselves right up front, then use that information to group them into email segments.

If you’re ready to think creatively about combining customer information from different sources — like custom field responses and browsing behavior — to build segments, this is the post for you.
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10 Ways to Segment Your Email List to Increase Customer Engagement

Get a helpful overview of commonly used approaches to segmentation, along with some more specific use cases. Have a brick-and-mortar store or live events? You’ll definitely want to read #4. And no matter what you sell or where you sell it, be sure to check out #9, where you can find out about segmenting by past customer behavior and dividing into VIP customers, frequent customers, big spenders, and those who have never bought.
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How to Segment Your Post-Purchase Emails

After a customer makes a purchase, their interaction with your store isn’t complete. In fact, it’s just beginning. Find out how to segment your thank-you emails, product review requests, and product recommendation emails. After reading this, you’ll never be able to look at a generic thank-you email the same way again.
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“If you sell something that requires assembly instructions, for example, you can include these in the ‘thank you’ email as well as the product packaging. If you sell something that is handmade, you can include some information about the artist or how the product was created. The key is to include any relevant information on the product someone has just bought to build up their excitement while they wait for their purchase to arrive.”

3 Ways to Segment Your Welcome Series

In the benchmark report, we talk about the value of having an automated welcome series when someone signs up for your mailing list. But why stop at just one version of the series? Find out how to get super-strategic with your welcome series by creating multiple versions that are tailored to your subscribers and their behavior.

For instance, you can create a special version of your welcome series that goes to subscribers who signed up in an exit intent popup. They’ve already shown you they’re on the fence — so pull them back in with a special discount code.
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5 Audiences You Should Target with Your Browse Abandonment Emails

If you’re not automatically sending browse abandonment emails, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. And if you’re not customizing those emails to fit different kinds of audiences, you’re missing out even more! See how to recognize and target five different groups of shoppers including Loyal Customers (#3) and Shoppers Who Are Very Interested in a Particular Product (#4).

Find out which groups you want to be targeting using urgency-based language — and which groups you’ll want to make extra sure you don’t oversend to.
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4 Ways to Segment Your Winback Series

The same way you can have more than one welcome or browse abandonment series, you can also have more than one winback series. Create one version for customers who have been on your site a lot in the past few months — they’re up to date on the latest products, and might just need a friendly nudge or a discount code.

Meanwhile, send a different version to folks who haven’t been on your site in a long time. They haven’t seen the latest and greatest offerings, so sharing what they’ve missed could be key to winning them back.
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How We Ran a Re-Engagement Campaign (And You Can Too)

Not long ago, we set out to make sure that all of our users were getting as much value out of Klaviyo. Of course, we used segmentation! Specifically, we reached out with targeted messages to groups of users who hadn’t recently used certain features of the Klaviyo platform.

That way, we were able to send relevant information to people who were likely to be interested, without sending the same messages to users who were already using the features. Go behind the scenes with us and see exactly how we approached the process.
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4 Ways to Segment Your Fundraising List

Good email marketing practices aren’t limited to the ecommerce realm — nonprofits can use the same techniques to find email marketing success. See why first-time donors and repeat donors should be getting different emails, just like first-time and repeat customers. Keep the post’s cautions in mind, too, especially when it comes to staying in touch with your biggest donors.
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“Make sure they know that their support is critical to your mission, but also treat their inbox with respect. They don’t need every fundraising email. Keep them updated and informed, but give them their space.”

Discounting & Segmentation: How They Fit Together

Sending the same discount to everybody on your list? There’s a good chance that you’re giving away store revenue unnecessarily.

Learn how to separate your full-price purchasers from the customers who buy only when you sweeten the deal, as well as how to use email to connect with each group in the most effective way. You’ll also find out how to promote new products differently based on past discount-related behavior.
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Honoring Nomad for Outstanding Targeted Marketing

When it comes to email marketing success, we’ll admit it, we’re biased: our favorite awards program is definitely the Klaviyos! See why sophisticated tech gear retailer Nomad was honored for their use of targeted email marketing, including five specific ways that they use segmentation to be so successful.

Added bonus: They use the segmentation features built into Klaviyo to do precision retargeting on Facebook as well.
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With Shirts and Email Lists, Quality Matters: One Company’s Story

When men’s shirt company Twillory needed to build a giant email list, they came up with a creative promotion that exceeded their goals. But then they faced a new challenge: how to get the most out of that list, even if it meant giving up some of those email addresses.

Hear directly from Twillory’s Creative Director about how they made bold choices around segmentation — and why they’ve stayed the course ever since.
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See the big picture when it comes to segmentation for ecommerce email marketing: Check out Klaviyo’s industry benchmark report »


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