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If you’re a Klaviyo customer, it’s a safe bet that you’re a fan of data-driven marketing. Every time you go into your account, you see lots of information about the emails you’ve been sending: What’s performing well? What needs to be optimized? And most of all, how much money is email generating for your store?

But maybe you’ve wondered about what other ecommerce stores are seeing in their accounts. What if you could get a look into their email marketing metrics too? How about for, say, a thousand of our U.S.-based customers in the aggregate? Well, there’s good news: now you can.

Today marks the official launch of our ecommerce industry benchmark report. We’ve taken a deep dive into what makes email marketing successful, based on our analysis of the results from more than 1.5 billion emails sent during Q4 of 2016. From that deep dive, we’ve identified the two practices that successful stores are using — and that growing stores can use to level up.

Relevance is key: The value of segmentation

It’s no surprise that most emails are sent out to entire lists. Truth is, we’ve known for a long time that the recipe for success doesn’t involve sending one-size-fits-all messages to every email address you’ve ever collected. One after another, our customers have shown us that getting more targeted with their emails gets them better results.

With this analysis, we’re able to show you what the most successful companies are doing when it comes to segmentation (hint: they have a lot of different segments). We’re also able to show you why segmentation makes a difference when it comes to open rates, click-through rates, and revenue per recipient.

Spoiler alert: Targeted emails do better.

Ecommerce and automation: a perfect match

Last time we checked, most ecommerce marketers didn’t have a lot of spare time on their hands. If you’re looking to grow revenue efficiently, email marketing automation is hard to beat. With a modest initial investment of time and effort (and maybe some creativity for good measure), you can set up emails that send themselves to the right people at the right times. And our analysis showed that this approach can be quite lucrative.

These emails — triggered by customer behavior and sent automatically — brought in a cool $50M in Q4 for the companies we looked at. In the report, you’ll see this broken out by type of automated email flow and average order size, giving you the ability to compare your own results and see how they measure up.

Meanwhile, if you’re new to all of this, don’t worry. The report also includes plenty of tips to get you started, along with links to resources that will get you up to speed in no time.

How to access the report

No signups or registration required! To access the complete report and all of the data visualizations that go with it, just head on over. And stay tuned for a follow-up post next week, when we share a hand-picked batch of yet more resources to guide you on your journey to email marketing success. Check out the benchmark report »


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