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January 24, 2024
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With the ability to effortlessly create content at scale, generative AI has become a staple for email marketers. AI is an incredibly powerful tool to eliminate busy work, increase productivity, and make room for meaningful projects. According to one study, generative AI can save marketers over five hours per week – the equivalent of over a month per year. And, more than half of marketers (53%) say generative AI is a game-changer that will transform their role.

Today, we’re excited to announce another AI feature that will help you work smarter and more efficiently. With Email AI, type the goals of your campaign and Klaviyo will create an on-brand section for you. In a few seconds, generative AI will create relevant email content based on your input – helping you schedule and send your campaign much faster. All paying Klaviyo customers now have access to Email AI.

How create email content with AI

Head to Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop email editor. You first need to add a section (or select an existing section). Then, click the AI sparkle icon next to the selected section. Whenever you see this sparkle icon in Klaviyo, AI will help you work smarter.

Then, input a text description of the section you’d like to create. For example, “Create a sale reminder for 20% off with urgency to order before midnight. Make it a two-column layout with an image at the top and a button below.” Click Generate drafts and in a few seconds, several options will appear for you to choose from.

Email AI recognizes a wide variety of text inputs and generates complete layouts, ready for you to edit and finalize. Here are some examples of what Email AI can create:

  • Text blocks, including AI-generated copy
  • Two or three-column layouts
  • Image blocks
  • Product blocks
  • Button blocks
  • Spacers

Email AI also automatically pulls the fonts, colors, and styles from your template to save you even more time. You can edit these at any time once you select a section layout. 

Learn more

Generative AI is playing a pivotal role in helping marketers work smarter, not harder. With Klaviyo, you can speed up the content creation process, across the platform, to deliver meaningful experiences at scale. Below, check out a few resources on how to use generative AI in Klaviyo.

Jessica Schanzer
Jessica Schanzer
Product Marketing Lead
Jessica is a product marketing lead at Klaviyo, focused on helping customers succeed with AI. She’s located in Austin, Texas and has spent the last 5 years in ecommerce. In her free time, Jessica can be found rock climbing, training for her next medieval LARP event, or spoiling her lizard Charlie.