A Template for Success with BombTech Golf

The Klaviyo Customer Segment Episode #4

Welcome to the Klaviyo Customer Segment Podcast! It’s a podcast designed to share the incredible insights we gain from one-on-one conversations with our customers.

In episode #4, Kevin and I sit down with the founder and CEO of BombTech Golf, Tyler “Sully” Sullivan. We talk about his origin and startup story, then transition into how he approaches email marketing. He has a unique approach that keeps his email marketing as simple as possible while still leveraging the power of the data he collects about his customers and their preferences.


Kevin finally catches on to the naming convention and comes up with a name for the new interview format with Sully: A Template for Success.


The BombTech Golf Story

Sully dives right into how he started BombTech Golf, including a really cool story about the first time he built and tested one of his own golf clubs at a driving range…in the winter.


Early Marketing Success

We ask Sully what he did early on from a marketing perspective to make sure people knew about what he was doing and why his clubs were great. He has a few tips that worked really well for him and might work for others in the same position. You can read more about BombTech Golf and their email marketing in the case study. 


Email Marketing Approach

Sully describes how he simplifies his email marketing strategy while still leveraging the full power of segmentation in the Klaviyo platform. He discusses his core flows and his approach to messaging, subject lines, and email design as well. You really don’t want to miss this part!

BombTech is a Gold Level Partner with Klaviyo and can provide account audits to help you grow your business through email. Visit their agency site and learn how they can help you grow your business successfully.

Listen to the full ecommerce success story!

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